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EOS 90D malfunctioning when out of full auto


I have had my 90D for about 5 months now without issue until today. My issue is that the camera now only works in full auto mode. The top buttons (AF, DRIVE, ISO, etc) only work in full auto. Autofocus only works in full auto. I can only manage the display in full auto and access the menu settings through full auto. The shutter still actuates in all modes. I can use the joystick to move the autofocus point in any non-auto mode. I can change the aperture and the shutter speed using the wheel and the dial. I have tried almost everything. Swapped to fully charged canon batteries, changed lenses, and changed the SD card but there is still nothing working. 

I have read on other issues that have occurred and they are not issues that are happening to me. The back button autofocus does not work on any mode. I have turned off the camera, removed the battery, flipped the switch to on, depressed the shutter for 10 seconds followed by the image select button for 10 seconds, turned off the camera, and reinserted the battery and there has been no change. I do not have the tools to dismantle the camera.




You may have changed a setting or something unknowingly. Please perform a setting reset on the camera.  Main and custom settings.  You can refer to the manual if unsure how to proceed.   This is the very first thing to do when a camera does not work as expected.  Functioning one day, and not the next.   After the reset, retest and let us know the result.

Please do not take your camera apart.  😮

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