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EOS-1DS Mark II workaround for compact flash cards over 8GB


A community member recently assisted me by providing the last firmware update, 1.1.6, for my newly acquired but gently used (18k shutter count out of 200k) DLSR. When I installed the firmware I used a 32GB compact flash card that I had and formatted it in the camera. 

What I didn't know was this camera will format the CF card to 8GB even if the card has a larger storage capacity. 

I used Windows Disk Management out of curiosity and found out that out of 32GB the camera created an 8GB partition. On a hunch I deleted the partition and created a new one with disk management. I quick formatted card in FAT32 which created a new partition of nearly the entire card.

I put the card back into the camera and it recognized the partition of nearly 30GB. 

I haven't tried this method on a 64GB or larger card. From what I've read with the latest 1.1.6 firmware this camera will recognize and use CF cards up to 32GB. If you need more space you'll need a newer camera. But for those who enjoy shooting a slightly used older DSLR like mine this work around should pave the way for your photography pleasure.



I haven't touched my Mk II in years but I thought I remember that the last FW update allowed 32 GB CF cards. That was supposed to be it forte.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

When the 1.1.6 firmware was installed I thought the camera would recognize and format accordingly the 32G card. It didn't.

The workaround I mentioned took seconds. I need to remember to format the next CF card on the PC the same way.