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EOS 700D cannot trigger my Godox transmitter


I'm new to flash photography. I can't make my camera and transmitter to work together. Please watch my video:

As seen on the video:
1. I have a Godox Mini Pioneer 200. I tried testing the flash using the test button, it works.
2. Using the flash trigger attached to the flash strobe (Yongnuo RF603C II), it works.
3. Using the other flash trigger attached to my Canon 700D, it works.
4. Using the shutter button of my DSLR, it didn't work. My camera cannot trigger the mounted transmitter and signal the receiver on my flash. I think the problem is my camera. Any help?

I used a Godox AT-04 before for the same setup and it work just fine. Then all of a sudden it doesn't so I bought a new a transmitter.

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