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R6II button customization for video


So, I'm a long time photographer, been a Canon user for years and have a new R6II....which is an awesome hybrid piece of kit. On the photo side of things, I get the buttons, I set up dual BBF, I've got all my favorite features re-configured to the buttons I want and I'm nailing shots. Pretty dang easy and the AF is truly amazing. On the video side, I'm struggling....a lot. I'm not a videographer by any means, but I figure I should take advantage of the capabilities.

My questions are:

What video features do you find useful? And why, or what scenarios do you use them in? 
Have you customized buttons/dials in video mode? What are your settings and why?

I've played with customizing things, but I don't feel like it's intuitive or smartly organized and certainly don't feel like I can execute well. So how do you make sense of things?

Thanks in advance,




It sounds to me like you are wanting different custom control settings for shooting stills and video.  I suggest that you make use of the custom shooting modes.  Define a camera configuration for shooting stills.  Define another for shooting video.  Leave automatic updates disabled.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Thank you for your reply. 

I'm familiar with, and use, the custom shooting modes on the photo side. This isn't the issue. 

What I'm asking about is how have you customized your buttons and dials on the video side?