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EOS-1D Mark IV unable to read all photos from 256GB card


Hello all!!!

You know that book that came with your camera and you never read? Yes... the manual.... that book.

I bought a 2nd hand camera and went to the first camera shop nearby to buy a storage card to make me happy. So, looking by the prices I just choose what??? Yes... a SDXC v60 256 gb card. Great it isnt?

yeah... Traveled to Prague, Rome.. Naples... took like 2000 photos.. everything working flawless until I came home and tried to see my photos...

all 2000 and thus are in the card... but I can visualize and read 724 and the others Its in the card, have storage data size but cant be opened in any software that I know.

So the question are: 
Yes. Im was now years old that I discovered this cam accepts only SDHC 32 gb cards. 
Why it detected the 256 card, worked for a while but I can read some photos but others aren readable by camera or software?

Has anyone passed for something like that and could read the photos that wasnt readable before? There are any way that I can try to recover those photos?

Im not a native english speaker, so forgive me for basic errros. 

Best Regards



I'll leave it to others to recommend recovery software.

What I CAN tell you is that using only one memory card for that many photos, even casual picture taking, not to speak of a once-in-a-lifetime event, is foolish.

Memory cards can fail, for numerous reasons. Entrusting a huge amount of data to one card means if it fails, ALL is lost. You should have extra cards, and switch them out. Lose one, and you still have the others.

Is the card you have a full-size SD card, or a micro-SD card in an adapter? Don't use micros. They are not liked by many cameras.

Did you format the card IN THE CAMERA before taking any pictures? You must do this. Using a card right out of the package, or formatting it in a computer, is asking for trouble also.



That's the weird thing! I did it. 

I formatted the sdxc card in the mark iv. It read the card, I could format it and also I could took some pictures with that. 

Kinda 100 pics (raw and jpg) are readable but they other 72 pics aren't. It's not a 1kb file. Those 72 pics have the same pattern of name and size. 


And BTW I had an CF card 4gb within the camera while I was taking the pictures. 


Any ideas to recover thoss 72 pics? 

Hello thlobato,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues accessing some of your travel photos. When the card is in the camera, are the images viewable on the camera screen? If you did not format the card after downloading the images, they should still be on the card. If not, you may need to look into using some sort of recovery software to try and recover the files. Canon does not make any recovery software, but a simple Google search will pull up plenty of options, some of which you can use at home on your computer yourself.


Since your camera has dual cards, and you say there was a CF card in the camera as well as the SD card, did you set the storage configuration to record to both cards simultaneously?
Did you, at any time, refer to the manual?

cheers, TREVOR

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