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Does the M50 support external stereo microphones?


I would like to know if I can plug a binaural microphone (3dio ) directly into the m50 without the need

for an audio interface. There is nothing in the manual that says that this camera has a preamp and also

supports external stereomicrophone. 


I'm hoping someone knows the answer to this question. I want to record ASMR videos and want to use a 3dio FS plugged

into EOS M50. 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


The EOS M50 does record stereo audio internally so it should also be able to acept a stereo signal through the microphone input as well. Canon's external stereo microphones like the DM-E1 and DM-E1D are listed as compatible accessories for the camera as well.

Do you know if the m50 also has a preamp? There is no information about this feature .

It would also need a preamp for a direct connection into it. Otherwise, an audio interface is needed. 

It has a pre-amp since it does *not* take line level.  However, most mics have preamps in them already - they use a battery. Any mic designed for a video camera will work