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Does in-camera image correction apply to RAW


Auto lighting optimizer

Long exposure noise reduction

High ISO speed noise reduction

Highlight tone priority


I did some test shots with these and I see no difference in the raw files.  Do these only apply to the JPG format?


The 5D3 manual says on page 143 under the high ISO speed NR that playing back a RAW image with the camera the affect may look minimal.  I'm not seeing it at all at 100% in Photoshop.



It is my understanding the basic exposure and ISO settings affect RAW and nothing else.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Auto Lighting Optimizer applies to jpeg only. It works with RAW only when you use Canon's DPP. Photoshop will not know what to do with it in RAW.

Highlight tone priority applies to RAW. To test it, find contrasty areas. If you use RAW, don't bother you can do it yourself PP. HTP robs you of some ISO. Minimum ISO is also limits the upper ISO also.
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Diverhank has it mostly right. HTP will apply to the RAW.  AutoLighting Optimizer will apply only if using Canon Digital Photo Pro software, otherwise Photoshop ignores it. Long Exposure Noise Reduction does apply to the RAW, while high ISO noise reduction done in camera will not apply unless using Digital Photo Pro.


Digital Photo Pro has the ability to take most of the Canon proprietary settings- like Auto Lighting Optimizer and High ISO Noise Reduction, and apply them to the RAW file, as if it was being done in camera to a jpeg a image. Programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop do not recognize those tags. My advice would be to install DPP and process the same file both in DPP and Photoshop.  You should see a difference there.

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I have DPP loaded on my computer but I always use PS or LR to process RAW files.

I can't argue about the price because Canon provides DPP free with the camera. But PS and/or LR offer way more adjustments than DPP whether they interpret Canon's tags or not.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

If you shoot RAW, all of those correction can be done easily post processing. I recommended you turn those features off because it will change your histogram display which is based on your jpg image.
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