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Display screen failing, vignetting around the edges... 1100D Rebel T3. Known fix?


1100D Rebel T3 has a failing display screen.  The display is fading to black around the edges in a vignetting manner. This phenomenon was first noticed about 6 months ago and is getting progressively worse. I have 5 Canon digital SLR's and have never seen this. And no, this is not a result of a hood on a wide angle lens. The fading is evident in the menus as well as image preview.  Any knowledge of this problem would be much appreciated. 







Before you write the camera off or send it in for repair, you might want to try a different battery, if you haven't already done so. A battery that doesn't reach its rated voltage, even when fully charged, could conceivably cause such behavior.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Thanks for the suggestion but, NO GO.  Tested with new battery and a programable regulated DC power supply, with varying voltages and plenty of available current ,,,  same vignetting happening.

You didn't happen to get new polarized glasses?

Hihi,,,  No polarized glasses.  Besides, they would typically cause a liner fade, not vignetting.

I want to post my theory on why this is happening. It is the HEAT!!! from leaving the camera in the car thats causing this Phenomenon

@rdoctor wrote:

I want to post my theory on why this is happening. It is the HEAT!!! from leaving the camera in the car thats causing this Phenomenon

I see two problems that may limit the applicability of your "theory":


1)  No evidence was presented that the OP left the camera in a hot car, and


2)  Four years have passed since the OP reported the problem.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

I am having similar issues and I notice what seems to me the fades getting larger today after leaving the camera in the trunk(t5i).

This can happen when the backlight layer of the LCD sandwich starts to separate away from the crystal matrix.  It is possible that the backlight layer is curling away on the sides/edges and heat and humidity can make this worse.  This problem started showing up with flexible substrate backlights which are more robust against physical shock and are easier to design to provide very even illumination across the matrix but bring their own set of failure modes.  If this is the case, the best fix is a replacement LCD however you MAY be able to fix the current LCD sandwich by adhering it back in place if it is too bothersome.


It is annoying but won't impact the actual image quality so there are worse issues to experience with a camera.



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That was a very informative reply. Nice Job

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