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Connecting a 6D to a laptop with no WIFI connection


Is it possible to connect a laptop to the cameras own network?


I'm playing with a recently purchased 6D with built in WIFI connectivity. I've been able to connect both the camera and laptop to my home internet connection and able to send images wirelessly from camera to the laptop.


I've also been able to connect my iphone using either my home internet connection or by using the camera as the access point and connecting my iPhone to that. No where can I find information on connecting to a laptop using the camera as the access point - Surely this is possible?


I shoot in remote locations that have no WIFI internet connections but want to be able to send images wirelessly to a Windows laptop. A work around is to use Connectify to broadcast a network and then connect the camera to it. Alternatively, use a Eyefi card within the camera but this seems crazy.


Can anyone help?


If you have the camera functioning as an access point, you should be able to connect the laptop as a client. The tricky part may be setting up the laptop correctly. How you do that is hardware and operating system dependent, so you have to know what you're doing. Several people in this forum have 6D's; if you tell us what computer and OS you're using, one of them may be able to advise you.

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I've never tried to use the WiFi in my 6D, and I forget the exact reason why I realized it wasn't going to do what I wanted.  But, I think it was because I realized a laptop is not going to connect to a local LAN and the camera at the same time.

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Hi Bob,


Thanks for your input. I'm using a HP Pavilion dv6 laptop running Windows 10 Home version 1607. I have the latest version of EOS Utility running and the camera is running the latest firmware (1.1.7).


I've had a good chat with a very informative guy from the UK Tech Support team this morning who said Canon don't support what I'm trying to do but said it may be possible to do it! As per your message, he said it would be laptop / OS specific.


The following link shows what I'm able to do on the camera in terms of connecting to a mobile or laptop and the menu differences for each.


I've also found this video on Youtube that appears to show someone connecting a computer to a 6D's own access point. Unfortunately, it's not in English though. 

Visit this page, to find your camera's support page.


You should see a square button labeled "Wireless Help".  If you do not see it, scroll UP to the top of the page, and you should see a big red square labeled "Product Information."  Click on that, and you should see it in the drop down menu.

"The right mouse button is your friend."
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