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Canon t6i stops taking pictures


Hello.  I have a barely used Canon t6i that is acting up.  It will take a few photos then the shutter stops working then the screen goes black.  It will not work again until after I pop the battery out and back in.  Also, it will not turn off sometimes until I pop the battery out.  Naturally I think it's something I am doing wrong.  Any help is so appreciated.  I most recently am using the P setting.  Thank you.




It almost sounds like your battery is acting up.

Is your battery fully charged?

Have you tried a new battery?

You can check the condition of your battery by going into your menu settings: ( the one that looks like a little wrench)

It will tell you if your battery is holding a charge and if it is time to buy a new one.

Steve Thomas


Thank you.  I have 2 batteries and it happens with both but I will get a new one.  I hope it's that easy!  Thank you so much !


Did you purchase the camera new?

Are you using genuine Canon or a third-party batteries?

Are you using a full size brand name SD card or a micro SD card with an adapter? Has the card been formatted in the camera?

I bought the camera new.  The batteries are canon.  The card is full sized and formatted.  The camera takes some pictures then refuses.  The photo quality is good.

Thank you!


Try shooting in good daylight with the camera in the "green square" full auto mode. What lens are you using, and do you have a different lens you can experiment with? When it stops shooting do you have any flashing lights on the camera like it's writing to the memory card? Does the shutter button feel any different or harder to press or like it's sticking?

No the shutter button feels the same.  There are no lights when it does this.  So I'm ordering new batteries.  I think that sounds like a logical place to start.  Thanks! 


could it be the card? have you tried a different, brand-new high-speed memory card? 

It's the same card that worked before.  But I'm just thinking about it and those batteries must be close to 10 years old?  Could it be that long ago I bought the camera? Anyway.  I've got new ones in my Amazon cart.  Thanks so much! 

Make sure you're getting batteries from a reputable source.  Amazon has so many third-party sellers that it can be very easy to get counterfeit or sub-par items.   Double-check the "Sold by" information.


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