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Canon T7i/800D Firmware Is Broken DO NOT UPDATE


I've been fighting with this for some time now. I use my camera tethered on a copy stand to shoot macro images for my business. We have 3 of these setups for our business. Immediately after updating to the newest firmware the EOS 3 will crash after a photo is shot or you try to open live view. I now have 2 cameras that will not work for this function on EOS 3 because of the firmware update. I can run it on other tethered shooting programs such as Adobe Lightroom... but not with the EOS 3 program. I updated both cameras the same day at the same time and they both had the same problem after working fine for nearly a year. CANON... fix this.



We can't guess anything about your environment...  The FW version running on your camera(s), the OS and build you are running, etc.  Canon won't be able to do this either. 

They also don't monitor these forums, so if you are seeking support or believe you have found a bug, you need to report the issue directly to Canon in order for the "problem" to be officially investigated.   

US and Global option here:


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Since the last update was in Sept of 20, I would think that this is pretty moot advice.


It is always best to see if a FW update has any feature(s) or bug swat you need. If it does not you do not need to do  a FW update.

Since this is a user based forum and not Canon tech monitored, you need to call Canon support 1 (800) 652-2666

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