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Canon T7 will not power on!

I bought this camera, used it without any issues for about a month. Then I left the battery on the charger in my hotel. So I bought a new battery about a week later, and the camera wouldn’t turn on. I even bought a different battery, and still, no power at all. I tried the tips canon support emailed me, and no changes. I am pretty annoyed because I’ve barely used this camera. Anyone have any ideas?

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Nikkisicksable,


Thanks for checking in with us!

It sounds like you've already tried a few things, but I'm not sure what you've tried already, so I suggest that you clean the metal contacts on the battery and battery casing with a lint-free lens cloth. It might also help if you try to charge the battery in a different outlet in a different room.


If problems persist, I suggest that you follow up with us by emailing us at the address below. Be sure to detail what you've tried, when you purchased the camera, and where you are located. That will help us explore the options available to you:


It’s a brand new camera and batteries. The connection is not dirty.

It should still be under warranty. Contact the email that Nick2020 gave you.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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It’s not a printer that I’m referring to so not really sure where are you got that info...

" I even bought a different battery, ..."


Are you sue the battery charger is working?  You have Canon brnad batterues?




"It’s not a printer that I’m referring to so not really sure where are you got that info..."


??????????????? What's that?

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