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Canon T5i custom white balance is green

We purchased several t5i bodies to be used for professional portraits. I have one body that when performing a custom white balance the camera goes very green. It takes several attempts to get neutral which is something I have never experienced with a Canon product. The T5i is being used with Alien Bees in a professional setting, using an 18% target.

I suspect it is a defect with the camera.

Suggestions? Anyone else have this issue?


Check to see if you have any white balance shift (not sure if there is an option for this on the Rebel),  2nd what is your 18% target? Grey card? is it filled the center of the frame?

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You cannot shift the balance on a rebel. The 18% target is a custom target we use for all of our cameras. In total we have over 60 Canons in the field. Yes - card is always framed full.

What is adding to the complexity of this issue is the fact that this is not consistentyly reproduciable. 


Alien Bee's and a T5i.   Interesting combination for sure!

I would say you answered your question, the camera is faulty.

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