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Canon R6 Mk II freezing frequently


I am a club and event photographer who works 6 nights a week. I have a canon R6 and I kept having freezing issues, where the camara becomes none responsive and i have to take the battery out before it works again. This occurs every night. Depending on the club, up to 8 times an event within a 1hr time frame. I sent the camera to be repaired under warranty and while it was gone I bought the 6d mk ii. Withing the first 25 mins of using it , it began to freeze up as well. unlike the r6 which had an error code , this just has a dark grey screen and yet again i have to remove battery to reset. I use all canon original gear. Is anyone else having same problem?

If this persists I will have to return the camera for a refund.

Update. i also got my 6d back and withing first day it started freezing again but this time not showing an error code.



Is there a solution for this? I am having this issue with the adaptor and my Tamron 70-200mm. It works fine on EF cameras, but freezes up my r6 mark ii and the auto focus doesn't work at all on my r5. 


Check with Tamron if there's a firmware update. If not the lens is incompatible with your camera.


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Wow.  Such a wide spectrum of hardware with the same behavior.

Me - T6s  Sandisk cards.  Canon . Sigma APS-C lenses.  Camera never froze. Owned for years.  (sold it)

6D2, only one freeze in its entire lifetime.  (still own it)  Canon and Sigma EF lenses.  I think it was the card.  I may not have formatted it in camera before use.  Usually shoot about 300 shots. + some video.  GPS always on, mode 2 (on when camera is on, doesn't check for signal when power is off).  Always use Sandisk Cards, Extreme Pro UHS-I.  Rock solid performance.

Now R5 C.  Arrived with FW,  Upgraded to  Started using with Canon EF to RF adapter, Sigma 24~70 f2.8 Art.  Worked perfect in photo mode.  Quick, smooth and sharp.  In Cinema mode, AF was sluggish.  Wasn't hunting, it was just slow.  Was talking with another user who has the Tamron 24~70 G2 and that lens didn't work at all in Cinema mode on his R5 C, but was perfect on his C300 mkII.  

A week later I had a RF 24~70.  Went out the following day.  I was so blown away with the performance I came home and completed the trinity.  Took a trip.  Carried the RF 24~70 and adapted EF 70~300.  It was great.  Bonded with the camera 12 days straight.  Didn't go crazy.  I took about 1,000 photos and a few videos.  Angelbird CF Type B and ProGrade v90 UHS-II.  No card reader on the trip.  I copied photos off the camera each night to a laptop.  I shot about 300 images on the adapted Canon lens.  No issues.

I believe that something in your settings, or hardware is causing the freezing.  I've had one freeze on one body, last 3 body's and you are freezing on all of your body's.  This is suspect.  Hope the new adapter helps.  Also try formatting your cards in camera.  If you are swapping frequently between bodies without formatting funny stuff can happen. 

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A settings problem shouldn't be an issue as the camera should be designed to withstand whatever settings combination. I am hoping it's the adaptor, but it's worrying. I know 2 ppl in my field with my an r6 and 2 with r5. All with freezing issues. The R5 has happened only once, big difference is the owner uses back screen 95% of the time. The other R5 has freezing issues while taking pictures at a wedding. the R6 guys have freezing issues all the time, but the a predominantly using it for video. 

Yeah Really hope its the adaptor because I am itching to buy a 28-70mm f2

@Blackscarlet wrote:

A settings problem shouldn't be an issue as the camera should be designed to withstand whatever settings combination.. 

Where did you get the idea?  Settings and shooting styles can make it seem as if your camera has locked up.    

For example, enabling every noise reduction setting in the camera, combined withhigh frame rate shooting JPEGs in a low light situation, is a recipe for your camera to seem to lock up as it writes the files to the memory card.

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Good morning,

I'm not disputing what's happening to you. It's real, I get it.  Others have mentioned it as well.  I just searched youtube for "R6 mkII freezing".  I got zero hits.  Google was different.  There I got 4 hits.  Yours was one of them.  Consensus was Sandisk cards, and another guy saying it happens when he leaves the camera idle and when he returns, it "won't wake up". He called it a "blackout".  Then said it did come back after a few seconds.   Was his description.  No one mentioned low lighting situations that I found.  I searched the "fred miranda" forums and dpreview.  Found one for the R6 mkII.  The guy was using a Rokinon lens.  I have one too, but no lock ups for me.   

I have a room with blackout shades.  I'll try shooting in it with a candle or at night.  I've used my 6D2 in nearly pitch-black settings to a point where I thought no way is the camera going to capture this.  Then to my amazement it did.  There was some noise, but I was really surprised.  You are the first user I've heard from with lock ups across multiple bodies EF/RF.  We need for some users to try the new v1.7.0 FW (R6)   I don't have one to test with.

Then leave their feedback:

R6 New Firmware Release - v1.7.0 - Feedback Thread - Canon Community

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My 6d and 5d MK4 are amazing in low lights. it is a weird one.  The problem when ppl do low light reviews , it's always in controlled environment. In a club setting, you have , heat, moisture , rapid lights which go super bright on moment and and then nothing next moment, multicoloured lights shinning through haze machines (smoke). It an environment I never see camera reviews in. The closest would be at a wedding reception. I also doubt many people would have issues at this moment, the camera has only just arrived just a week ago  and there are lots of delays. The old systems where bullet proof and have been refined to the last inch, so I am expecting a lot of teething problems. Early on , but not ones that actually make the camera unusable . I mean remember the overheating problems from jump. 

Do you have any suggestions as to what SD to use? with the idle issue, I won't get that because of the nature of my job I am constantly shooting with about max of 2 mins break when I am moving to a different part of the club. Thanks for all the different info I am just worried that ppl are having the sam black out but for different reasons. might be what the camera auto defaults to if it just received an error.


So I have an update. I bought a new adapter for the camera and tried it out. Same issue occurred. Whats interesting is I have way less freezing issues when I use the back screen rather than the view finder. There is such a lag using it. It also feels like when I try to focus during the lag the camera completely freezes. So all that is left to do is try different brand of memory card.


Your last post is helpful.  Hopefully others will also contribute.  Have you upgraded to the v1.7.0 firmware (R6) yet?

I have always used Sandisk cards (every camera).  The Extreme Pro UHS-II more recently.  Always stellar.

I branched out with Angelbird and Prograde with my R5 C.  They have also been stellar.  The Angelbrid cards are CF Express B.  They also make SDXC v90's UHS-II, but haven't used them yet.  I have 2 Angelbird CF Type B and 4 Prograde v90's currently.   

I had been using Sandisk cards for decades.  I gambled on others and am now glad I did.  Delkin cards are also recently popular, but I have no experience with them.  I have no qualms about Prograde or Angelbird now.  




Bay Area - CA

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Thank you for the suggestion. I am now ordering the prograde.  Sadly my camera freezing issues got noticeably worse when I upgraded the firmware for the r6. The camera is also lest than a year Old. I will update with the memory card, Once it has arrived