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Canon R6 Freezing Up Intermittently


Anybody else having this problem with the Canon R6 freezing up. It usually starts with the camera not focusing. Its also becomes none responsive to mode changes. The on/off button doesnt work. Opening the battery door shuts it off... but still doesn't fix it. Pulling the battery out usually fixs the problem right away. But again... not always and sometimes it take a few battery removals to get it back up and running. 

This has happened while shooting both photo and video. It happens with different lenses. It happens with different memory cards. I can't recreate the problem on command. The camera works 99% of the time. But at least once a wedding shoot, over the period of 6 hours, It freezes up!

In the video below... I was attached to the Ronin gimbal. But it's happened just shooting photos and without the gimbal. Plus, when I open the battery door and try and turn the camera on/off... it still doesn't work. Has nothing to do with that.

I was on firmware version 1.4
I updated the firmware this week to version 1.5.0.
This problem has been happening for a long time... 8 months. Camera is less than a year old.

Again, at last nights wedding... it froze. 

Here is a video that I recorded when it happened.
1. Focus isn't working. Both back button and touch.
2. Display freezes up. You can still see the audio working.

3. On/off doesn't work.

4. open battery door... nothing works.

5. Pull Battery

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Just another person here with the same problem. Tried different cards (Lexar UHSII), Canon battery (at first I obviously thought it could've been my off-brand battery), never have wireless comms on, latest firmware, etc etc etc. 

I have noticed as another commented that it seems to be something to do with the AF hunting that freezes it. It's happening on wedding days (yeah, great!) when the camera spends a) lots of time on, shooting, and burst modes and b) lots of time pointing at the ground.
Trying One Shot rather than Servo for my next ones and maybe keeping it upright? Shutting it off more between shots? I don't know what to do. It's my main shooter and I have bookings all summer, I cant' just send it in (I live in Canada too, so more difficult logistically I'm sure, and longer to repair). Plus, half the people in this thread said the problem persists after sending it in. If they could just diagnose it, we might stand a chance of working around it. Just frustrating - I can't afford to buy another new body. 

I use SanDisk 200mbps, and only Canon batteries.  They last twice as long as off brands.  And it happens on single shot(slower continuous).  I always am turning my cameras off, even if for only a minute.  It hasn't happened to me since I no longer press the shutter button down halfway and hold it for any length of time!!!!!


Both my EOS R & EOS R6 freeze up as you described.  I have found they occasionally do it when taking pictures if I hold the shutter button half way down to focus for a full second or 2.  Just like when I have focused on a bride & groom about to kiss, and I am waiting on them to kiss.  The only thing that stops it is to remove the battery.

Yep, exactly. Are you in Servo or One-Shot? I have a hunch it has something to do with Servo (because, just like so many other people in this thread, I have done all the diagnostics the other replier wants to suggest are the cause). I did a party two nights ago in One Shot (accidentally, actually) and never had an issue. The night in Servo, it failed probably 4 separate times and I gave it a rest in between each freeze too. Same exact thing, autofocus with the shutter halfway waiting for the moment. 

Hi MPS.  All the times it has happened to me, I was in one-shot(not servo).  I only use servo when the wedding party is walking down the aisle.

Good to know, thank you!
Have you had continuous AF turned off? 
I just realized I turned mine off about a month ago which is when I started to notice these issues (but could be coincidental). Might be worth a try though?

I keep continuous auto focus on all the time.  I don't think that is the issue.



If you believe you have a similar issue, then pleae start a new thread of your own.  

Doing so has two major benefits.  One, it puts your initial post at the top of the page so that members can see a description of you issue, instead of having it buried on page XX, where no one will see it.

Two, it brings attention to the issue.  If there were dozens of threads about a similar issue, then that might gain the notice of Canon’s Technical Teamj.  The more threads about the issue, the better.

As far as your issue goes, try completely resetting the camera back to its factory defaults.  Next, do not reconfigure the camera with your favorite settings.  We are in test mode.  We need to determine is it the camera or a perfect storm of settings.

I am strongly inclined to point the finger at one cause, wireless communications.  If you are not actively using it, then disable it.  

I asked another member on this thread to test the camera in a park, playground, or anywhere that is not crowded with people carrying smart phones.  That person pushed back and argued against the idea.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Hello, I figured it made more sense to reply here in a thread with a ton of people having the exact same described issue (and trying all the same diagnostics, which as I mentioned, I have tried, thank you). It's not wireless communications of any kind. I will be trying to diagnose if it's the Servo AF through my next events.

I sent my R6 to Canon twice.  Both times they said it was an issue with the motherboard.  And both times replaced it.  I have not had problems with it since the 2nd servicing.  It had nothing to do with wireless as I have never used that feature and it’s not set up on my camera.  Also, prior to sending it into Canon both times, I did all of the troubleshooting and firmware updates mentioned by so many on this thread.  My advice is that if you use this camera to shoot events, then invest in the CPS membership and get the camera checked out by the manufacturer.  The membership has paid for itself with this camera.

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