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Canon R6 Batteries Issue


Hey all, has anyone experienced this issue before? I was shooting for a wedding with my Canon R6 and everything was going normal until later in the night one of my batteries died within a few minutes when I fully charged it the day before. I thought nothing of it and put in another battery. It dies within minutes too. I start noticing and put in another battery and then it dies quickly too. I then got a battery from my EOS R and put in the R6 and kept any eye on it. The battery was half charged and it dies within minutes like the other ones. Somehow all the batteries are dying fast on my R6. I'm wondering if anyone has a clue on this since I've never experineced anything like this. I don't know if the problem is the batteries since some were off brand and some were real Canon batteries or the R6.



Be very leary of off-brand batteries.


For the Canon batteries, how old are they?


If your R6 is causing the batteries to discharge that quickly, that would no doubt be generating quite a bit of heat.  Perhaps you have some kind of short in the system.  I'd look inside the battery compartment for any corrosion.  Then call Canon for service.


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Agree with Ricky that if the batteries are good and discharging that quickly then it is going to be generating a lot of heat inside the camera.  Use caution because if this is the case and you start rapidly installing charged batteries whatever is getting hot may get hot enough to cause further damage and perhaps a fire. 


If the batteries are operating normally in another camera and being drained that rapidly in your R6 then the camera needs to go back to Canon for service.  This behavior is often the fault of a shorted bypass capacitor which has turned into a low value resistor.



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