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Canon M50 LCD screen not displaying final result


I recently bought a Canon M50, and it's actually my first time ever taking pictures with a camera other than my phone, so I'm super noob.

Today I was playing around with my M50, trying different photo modes and I notice that when I use the Av mode and change the F value, I can't see any differences in the LCD of the camera. But there are clearly differences between the photos taken. I made a video to illustrate the problem.

As you can see, the purple sticker in the back is unreadable with the 2 pictures when being taken (when I change the F value), but then when we check the picture with the view button, we can (kind of) read the sticker with one picture, but not with the other.

Maybe the camera is supposed to be like this because it's mirrorless and I wasn't aware of this? As I said, all of this is new for me, but I'm very frustrated that I can't trust the LCD.

Só is that a defect or that's normal?

Thank you.


What is the state of Exposure Simulation? I believe you have to be in M or P for this to work.





Thank you for the fast reply.

I just checked and its enabled.

So this was actually supposed to work, I mean, what I see in my screen should reflect the saved photo file? Do you think maybe there is a problem/wrong setting with my camera?

Thank you

I don't know. Could the ISO be increasing to compensate for the smaller aperture?

Yes it is, I am using the Av mode, so I can change the F-number and the other settings are adjusted accordingly.

But the end result photo file is different. With lower and higher f-number, it looks the same on the LCD, but it is different in the photo file.

Ok looks like I needed to assign the DOF to the function button. Now it works 😄 😄 😄
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