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Canon M50 Clean HDMI Out Issue - Seeking Advice


Hey everyone, hope you're having a good day. I recently purchased an HDMI cable and capture card to achieve clean HDMI out on my Canon M50. A representative at the camera store demonstrated a menu option for clean HDMI out on their Canon M50. However, when I tried setting this up at home, I encountered a few problems:

  1. Clean HDMI Option Missing: Most videos and guides, including the store's M50, showed the "Clean HDMI Out" option in SHOOT9 (9th tab in the Shoot menu). My M50's shoot menu, however, only goes up to SHOOT5. This increases to SHOOT8 in Photo mode, but remains limited in Video mode (only 5 tabs).

  2. Autofocus Box: When I manage to get video out, there's a prominent autofocus box on my face. The workaround is to use manual focus, which isn't ideal.

  3. Camera Sleeps During Streaming: Even with sleep mode disabled, my camera enters sleep mode after a few minutes, disrupting streaming.

Troubleshooting Steps I've Taken:

  • Checked and toggled info controls.
  • Exhaustively reviewed all menus.
  • Tried different shooting modes to potentially unlock SHOOT9.
  • Powered the camera on/off.
  • Updated the firmware to version 1.1.0.

Is it possible that I have an older M50 model which doesn't support clean HDMI out? Also, any advice on preventing it from entering sleep mode during streaming would be much appreciated.



EOS M50 does not support “Clean HDMI” output.  Your remaining issues are based upon the assumption that it does.  So, “not supported” applies to all of your issues.

I suggest that you take a trip back to the store and verify the model number of the demonstration camera they used.  The EOS M50 Mark II supports “Clean HDMI”, but not the M50.

You have an older camera body that does not support the modes operation that you seem to be looking for.  I am uncertain if the EOS Webcam Utility supports the M50.  If the regular EOS Utility does not support the M50 for Remote Control Shooting, then the EOS Webcam Utility would likewise not support the M50.

I do not think you have the right camera for your apparent needs.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


"Is it possible that I have an older M50 model which doesn't support clean HDMI out?" No Canon DOES NOT make 2 different versions of the same camera that DOES or DOES NOT support CLEAN HDMI OUT. The original EOS M50 DOES NOT have the necessary hardware to support CLEAN HDMI OUT. THIS IS NOT a software issue. The EOS M50 Mark II does support CLEAN HDMI OUT. So please verify the camera model that the store representative showed you. You will need to look into a camera that supports that feature as @Waddizzle pointed out.


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