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Hi, not sure if this is appropriate for this group, I'm not actually selling but looking for advice on selling. I tried photomarket but they removed the post.

I am having short term (hopefully) financial issues. Was going to sell some Canon gear but had a few questions. Is Ebay the best place? And am I better selling as a collection or splitting up gear? I have a 5d3 with a low shutter count. A 70x300L, a 24-105L, a 100Macro L, Canon Flash, extra batteries, couple tripods etc. Any suggestions on how to avoid being scammed? Lenses and camera are all in very good condition.



I've bought and sold thousands of items on everyone's favorite online auction site!

eBay is a relatively safe place to sell stuff... and you'll see PayPal payment before shipping, so won't have much risk of getting scammed. Do insure the gear going out, just in case something happens in transit. Be honest and complete in your descriptions. Take plenty of photos of each item... both to include in the listing and to confirm the condition in case any questions come up later.

To get the best out of it, do not sell all in one batch. Sell the camera with it's normal accessories (manual, body cap, strap, manual, battery & charger). If you can, get the shutter count for the camera. That's like the "mileage" on a car.

Sell each lens, the flash and tripods individually too, each with it's own accessories.

Small items like extra batteries and filters for the lenses you might just include with whatever they fit, rather than trying to sell those separately. This because shipping them separately may cost more than buyers are willing to pay. By including them with what they fit, you are adding value to the larger item and will be able to ship all together.

The hardest thing on eBay is making yourself set a low starting bid and not impose a minimum bid.... but that's what gets the most bidding activity to drive the prices higher. Setting too high a starting price and putting a minimum bid on it discourages aggressive bidding. OTOH, a low starting bid and no minimum risks an item selling for less than you'd like. But, hey, that's what happens at auctions! Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eat you!

Of you can, offer free shipping. That's another thing that can encourage aggressive bidding. 

You can do a search on eBay for identical items using the "sold" filter to get an idea what things are selling for. Also do a search that includes unsold items to see what people aren't buying.

If you have boxes for each item, great... include it. People are always impressed to get things in the original box! They actually spend more to get it. Don't worry about warranty cards, because AFAIK the warranties are not transferable (and may be expired anyway, if the gear is more than 1 year old).

If anything happens and a buyer tries to return an item, only issue a refund after it's been received in good order. If you mention a returns policy at all in your listing, specify that buyer is responsible for any cost of return and that the shipment must be insured.


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Instead of doing auction, I've been doing "Buy it now" with $10 shipping based on similar completed deals.  I've had few auctions where the buyer was not legit and had to relist.  Lenses are good to sell separately but some of the smaller/cheaper items just bundle it with the body.  Unless you have nice tripods, boxing/shipping may outweigh your profits.  Roughly expect only to net 80% of final sale (ebay/paypal/shipping).

You can also sell via adorama where they will buy used equipment.


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Just popping in for a quick reminder! While this conversation is fine and useful, please remember, selling of any kind is not allowed on the Canon Community. So please remember to avoid links to sales and actual ads and everything will be good on our end.


In addition to the suggestions above:


KEH online

Local shop that accepts consignment

B&H Used Dept

Adorama Used Dept

Good luck 

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