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Freeze and stopped turning on


Hello, I have a canon 70d i was shooting some products at pic 25 it froze at it and stopped turning off even so i took out the battery then put it again and turned it on, not working properly so i turned it off then tried to turn it on again but didnt turn on.

here are some things that i think maybe could happen due to it:

shutter count end


one more thing the camera is not for me it is for someone who left it for like 7 months opened with nothing to cover the lens place no even a cap or a lens to close it so does that even effect this thing?



There is no "shutter count end" It will keep taking pictures until it breaks.

Leaving the lens off is not good practice, and might warrant a cleaning by Canon, but it should not keep the camera from working


Additionally, if you are sure the issue is not related to power, or a faulty battery, look at this URL and confirm your product is not affected by the recall:

Canon U.S.A., Inc. | Product Advisory Detail Page

While you aren't having the exact behavior (error codes), a failed PCB could cause a power on failure.  Anyone who's camera falls into the affected serial number range should have their device serviced.  


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If the camera sat unused for a long, long time it's possible the battery is severely drained and only taking a partial charge that drains again after just a few shots. Try recharging, then use and drain the battery again, then recharging it again/use it again through several cycles. See if the battery begins to recover, giving you more and more shots with each recharge. I've had some success getting batteries to come back to life that way. But if it doesn't work, the battery may be ruined and need replacement. Do you have a second, spare battery you can try? Or a friend that has similar Canon with battery that you know is good?


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