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Canon EOS Rebel XS not starting



I received an old Canon EOS Rebel XS from a relative as a hand-me-down, and I’m super excited to play with it but I’m not able to turn it on. I’ve charged the battery fully but even after flipping the switch to “On”, the screen remains black and I don’t hear anything when I click the shutter. 

1. What else should I try (beyond fully charging the battery)?

2. Is the camera salvageable?

Thanks in advance!



1. What else should I try (beyond fully charging the battery)?

There are only a very few things a person can do. A brand new Canon brand battery and a known good charger. It makes no difference if there is a memory card installed or even a lens mounted It should turn on.

2. Is the camera salvageable?

If it is broken (sounds like), ... no. Sorry, it would cost way more than it is worth if parts are even available. 

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


Even if the charger shows the battery fully charged, leave it plugged in on the charger for a few additional hours. Maybe even overnight if the battery and charger don't feel "uncomfortably" warm. Place it back in the camera and wait a couple hours before attempting to turn it on.

Try removing the memory card if one is installed. With the card out use a lighted magnifying glass to inspect the card slot to see if any of the contact pins are bent or damaged, or if there's any signs of corrosion. If so then it's probably "game over". It's not an uncommon problem if somebody has been careless and forcibly inserted the card when in a hurry.

Do you know anyone else that might have a similar battery in known good condition that you can try? Maybe a local camera shop or camera club member could help you out.

Both the battery and memory card doors are fitted with micro-switches so that the camera can't power up if either of them are open. You may find that the camera will respond differently if a little extra pressure is placed on or around the closed doors.

Does the camera appear to be in good cosmetic condition? Or does it show signs of heavy usage or abuse? Good luck trying to bring it back to life. If you can get it fired up it should make a perfectly good beginner DSLR.

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