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Canon EOS RP display blacks out when flipped


Weird thing happened today during an outdoor portrait shoot with a friend:

I was going through my menu options on the display and it showed a blank screen. Naturally, I thought my battery died, but after switching out the battery, it was still blacked out. I noticed that the camera was still working because I can review photos and change menu settings through the EVF. And when I open the display screen, it works... until I flip it or close the screen with the display facing me. Whenever the display is inverted for viewing on the rear of the camera, the screen just blacks out.

Am I screwed?? I tried going through my menu and display options to see if I forked up somewhere, but I don't think I messed with any of my settings! What's even stranger is that the touchscreen still works when I hold the camera up to my face and use the screen to move my autofocus point. It just doesn't display anything.



Hi Krystof, and welcome to the forum:

From what you say, the symptoms suggest that you have a loose connection in the circuit that travels along the articulation to the rotating LCD.  I think you need to contact 1-800-OK-Canon and talk to their tech support, and it will likely have to go in for a fix.

cheers, TREVOR

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The camera will either display on the EVF, or on the LCD -- not both.  So if it's displaying on the EVF, that means that it thinks you want to see the EVF, not the LCD -- it's not even trying to send a signal to the LCD.

My first thought would be that you've set the EVF/LCD switching mode to something unexpected, which is easily done.  I don't have an RP -- I have an R5 -- but check the manual.  If you've assigned a button to switch, see if you're pressing this accidentally.  Also be careful if you have any object -- face, hand, whatever -- anywhere near the viewfinder, which will trigger the proximity sensor there.

Then again it could be an actual failure; either of the proximity sensor, or the sensor which determines what position the LCD screen is in.  In which case you'll need service.

Yes, thanks for advice got the same problem as author describe, and this comment helped me understand, how camera works, it's either in screen mode or viewfinder and there is sensor by default controls it, but gladly it can be changed in settings


Hi! I have the exact problem now and I was wondering if you ever brought it in for servicing and if you did how much was the repair quoted for ? TY! 

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