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Canon EOS M50 wont save photos to SD Card



I'm camera savvy but have been given an eos m50 to look at for a friend and it has me stumped. When you record a video, it saves to the SD card and you can review it in playback. When you take a photo in any mode however, the camera makes a sound as if it has taken the image but it hasn't saved it to the SD card and the image count hasn't gone down.

I have tried 3 separate SD cards, of varying speeds and sizes, I have tried resetting the camera and updating firmware. I've found other people who have had similar problems on the forum but none seem to have found a solution. Just wondering if anyone has ever come across this and fixed it?



What happens when you try to “play” back saved photos in the camera?  Are you able to see the photos on the SD card when it is inside of the camera?

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Older photos you can view in playback as well as any videos you record - yes


Is it possible that the photos are being saved to a different folder?

Have you tried inserting the card into a computer or card reader and looking at the file structure?

Do the subfolders show up there?

Steve Thomas

I've had a look and there are no subfolders. Ive even tried creating a new folder in camera but no success there either.


I assume you have formatted the cards in the camera?

Yes, tried formatting the cards in the camera. Still having the same problem afterwards which is leading me to think something more serious is going on with the camera


Hi Claire,

I am currently encountering the same problem with my M50. Were you able to solve yours?

Nana Kofi.

Hey there, Nana! If you've tried a different full-sized card in your camera, and you're having trouble, we recommend reaching out to support for assistance. They're at 800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666), Monday through Saturday.

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