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Canon 90D not recognised and stays Busy in Laptop A, but recognised in Laptop B.


HI there

I have been using Laptop A with my Canon 90D for months, purchased this camera for less than 1 year.

And it has been working fine even until last week. So last weekend, I used the Sports Mode to take pictures and after the session, I actually left the camera alone and only checked the images this week. However, this time - Laptop A is unable to recognise the camera. I hear the 'connected' ping when I plug the USB in but no response. Then after that, I hear the 'connected' ping again - might be disconnecting.


Initially i thought it was a faulty cable and bought a new one today. Tried and it is still the same.

I tried plugging into Laptop B, and it worked fine. It detected the camera and installed the driver.

Have anyone experienced this before?




Welcome to the Canon forums1

This is not something that I’ve heard about before, at least with laptops.  We have had members report a wide variety of puzzling behaviors associated the DIY, home-brewed computers that they have built from a computer motherboards.  But never from a consumer laptop built by a major computer manufacturer.

The fact that it once worked properly and then suddenly stopped is unusual.  This would suggest that something about the laptop has changed, seeing that the camera was idle and not being used.  In order to best help you, we would further information.

The subject line of the thread says Laptop A is busy.  Your description of the issue suggest that it is not busy, just simply not recognizing the camera for some reason.  I assume your detailed description is more accurate than the subject line.

What Operating System are the two laptops running?  Is each laptop using an Intel chipset?

When you first connect the camera via USB, is the camera switched OFF?  The recommended best practice is to switch the camera OFF prior to connecting via USB.  Turn it ON after you connect the cables.

Have you tried different USB ports on Laptop A?  

Are you using any cable USB port adapters?  If you are, then don’t.  

Are you using a Canon USB cable?  The Canon cables cost more because they include noise reducing baluns.  There are the small, in-line cylinders that are near the USB connector.

That is enough questions, for now.  Thanks, ahead of time.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Hi, thank you for the quick response. Yeah the description is more accurate than subject line as it is difficult to write all of that into the subject.

I tried your method of having the camera OFF prior to connecting the cables. Also tried the various ports.

This time, it took a faster time to 'give up' I hear the connection and disconnection pings.

Also using an authentic Canon cable, even bought a new one yesterday to see if it is the cable problem.

Laptop A is running on Intel Core Evo 7, Windows 11.

Laptop B is Intel Core i5, Windows 11.

Hope these information can offer a clearer picture.