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Canon 70 d records washed out noise pictures

New Contributor
I had not used my 70 D camera for awhile and went to take a picture and it records a washed out 1/2 image with light purple washout lines below and washed image above. Changed cards, used card in my other Canon camera, no problem. Reset all camera settings. Formatted card. No fix.

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Sounds like a dead sensor. Call Canon. There have been reports that they are replacing sensors because of an overheating problem.

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That is what shows on the back LCD screen?  I, too, think its done if it does. I doubt this is caused by the overheating fix Canon has offered though.

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Yes, same washed-out, messed up picture shows when the memory card is put into another camera or down loaded to pc. Not sure how it would get overheated?

Here is the Canon service advisory.


Most likely not your problem. Repair required. Balance repair quote against cost of new body from a reliable source like

John Hoffman
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"Not sure how it would get overheated?"


That was just a thought not a diagnosis. As a concern some 70D cameras have experienced. SOmetimes electronic gear just fails. When you get your estimate, remember another used but working 70D is around $350 to $400 bucks. Also, keep in mind a 70D has got to be nearing end of service life. Perhaps an upgrade in camera is a good notion at this point.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!