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Canon 5D MARK III - used as streaming webcam - curious about weird image glitch that just started


Hi everyone!!
I have been using my canon 5D mark III as a webcam for live streaming for about 2.5 years (quite frequently as well) I use a card capture device and changed the firmware so the camera stays on past 30mins.

As of the last few weeks... the camera would randomly make this weird visual glitch? I have linked a video of it doing it while I was live. I wasn't sure if it was the wires or the card capture, so I switched those and it didn't happen as often. It does not happen EVER STREAM (I stream maybe 5-6 days a week and the camera being on 6-9 hours each day) But I have noticed it happens RANDOMLY. I don't know if its overheating, or is it the wires, or the streaming software I use (OBS Studios)

At first, just turning off the camera immediately and right back on- seems to not have it occur most times. However one time when I went to turn it off and walked behind the camera I saw the preview mode (which is always visible) on the back of the camera was glitching out as well... any help would be greatly appreciated!! 
My community thinks it might be my firmware needs to be updated or, its overheating, the camera is dying and I need a new one, or the cardcapture/wire.

thank you for anyone that has read this and all the help!!



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello tinyasparagus,

That is hard to really determine. It does sound as though the camera is getting a good workload, so overheating does come to mind. Have you tried it on another computer to see if the same issue persists? That would help to narrow this down a bit more. You can send the camera into one of our service centers for testing. I would ask that you explain that the situation seems to be random, so they can do some extended testing of it.