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Canon 50d ticking noise question


I'm new into DSLR world and recently I've decided to buy my 1st camera of ebay, used Canon Eos 50D, now here comes a question:

When I move body from horizontal to portrait position or move in general I can hear small tick/click  noise in upper body(view finder area) like there is some kind of lose element( I can upload Video but is barley noticeable).
Is this something to worry about ?
Please help




That's probably the orientation sensor you're hearing. It's a moving part that senses whether the camera is being held in horizontal/landscape orientation or in vertical/portrait orientation. The camera needs to record this info in order to auto-rotate images properly when downloaded to your computer.


The lenses also often make some noise.... when focusing and, if an IS lens, some when the stabilization is working. Various lenses make different noises, depending upon the type of focus drive they use and other factors.


In other words, I strongly suspect it's nothing to worry about.


Have fund with your new camera.



Alan Myers
San Jose, Calif., USA
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Thank you so much for reply, and for putting my mind at ease !

@piotrekhc wrote:
Thank you so much for reply, and for putting my mind at ease !

The 50D is a great workhorse camera. I don't use mine much anymore, but I've gotten a lot of good photos with it. It's not noisy at ISO 1000; so it's useful indoors, even without flash, in a reasonably well lit room. It was one of the first cameras in its class to have autofocus microadjustment, which can be a very useful feature. When you eventually move up to a more modern camera, you'll be glad to have your 50D around as a backup.


If the camera didn't come with an instruction manual, be sure to download one from the Canon site.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA


I did not know you can download instruction from canon website, thank you !

My 50D look like brand new camera no scuffs or scratch marks on it. I was really surprised how well its been kept, also it got only 16k shutter actuation's. At the moment I have got 50mm f1.8 II lens.