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Canon 200D - Good entry level camera for photography and filming?

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Hi guys ๐Ÿ™‚

I have a question: I'm gifting my friend a DSLR. He's a beginner (not a complete one) and he might go study filmography. But that's not that relevant. So I'm curious if that's the right camera for him. I did my research and it's the cheapest one with dual pixel auto focus.

The question I have is whether it's worth at its price point or if I should opt for another model (I'm glancing at the 800D but it just seems too expensive for me). And is it even worth getting the 800D over the 200D? Like I want a camera that he can use for the next two years or so and don't feel the urge of upgrading right away. Also, his birthday is at the end of august, so are there rumors for new cameras in that price category?



First and foremost, I would ignore rumors because they can drive you crazy, as you wait for something that never materializes.


Judging from your model numbers, it sounds like you are outside of the US.  The 800D model is sold as the Rebel T7i in the US and Kiss X9i in Japan.  For the most part, the cameras are identical, but their battery chargers are not.  This is also true for the 200D, which is sold as the SL-2 in the US.


Of course, you will need to be the ultimate judge as to which model to purchase.  And, of course, the more capable camera is probably the better choice.  You have not indicated how much experience your beginner has, and how enthusiastic he is about photography. Age may also play a factor, too.  That depends on the individual. 


Your concerns about outgrowing a camera are well placed.  The most basic entry level cameras are easily outgrown by someone who is enthusiastic about photography.  You need to judge just how deep his interest in photography runs.  Again, age may or may not play a factor in his interest.


Photographers seem to come in different interest levels.  There range from the casual shooters who only use a camera for โ€œoccasionsโ€, like holiday gatherings, to the hobbyist or student, to the person who never leaves the house without a camera, to the full blown professional, or photo enthusiast, who never leaves the house without an arsenal of camera gear.



Back to your question, though.  The 200D is definitely an entry level camera.  It is the smallest DSLR Canon sells, though not the least capable.  These cameras are really designed for the most casual shooter, or the absolute beginner who wants to learn how to use a DSLR.  It has very basic features, and lacks a few features enthusiasts might regard as mandatory.  For this latter reason, the 200D can be easily outgrown by a burgeoning photographer.


The 800D is a very good choice as an entry level camera.  All of the EOS ###D models can be regarded as consumer cameras.  Note the number digits preceding the letter โ€œDโ€.  These cameras range from entry level like the 200D to advanced consumer like the 800D.  The 800D is just outside of the โ€œenthusiastโ€ bubble, IMHO.

The truly entry level cameras from Canon have 4 digit model numbers, ####D, like the 1300D or 2000D.  Canon offers a number cameras with two digit model numbers, ##D, like the 70D, 80D, or 77D.  These cameras fall into the photo-enthusiast category, although many question if the 77D belongs in this group.  I feel that it should not for a variety of reasons, as do many others.

The single digit model numbers, #D, are models that range from prosumer to full blown professional.  I shoot with these models.  My cameras are all #D models, except for my compact EOS M3.  I gave away my lesser models to relatives or friends as gifts.


That summarizes the Canon lineup.  Like I said, you should factor in how deep his interest runs, and how long he will stick with photography.  Naturally, I am going to advise a more capable camera than a 200D, because it really is easily outgrown.  There are models between the 200D and 800D, too.  Give these a look, too.  

I think the best value in the current Canon lineup is easily the 80D.  This camera is a real keeper.  I would describe this camera as โ€œbuy it once, and buy it right the first time.โ€  You will not be going back to the store to looking upgrade for several years.  If he does not have the photography bug now, he just may catch the fever with this model.  Invest in a good lens for the August birthday.


"Doctor told me to get out and walk, so I bought a Canon."

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Get the Rebel T7i (800D), IMHO, of course. Smiley Happy He'll be a lot happier and it will last many more years than just two.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

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The SL 1 or SL 2 are just too small for anybody considering any professional or even advanced amateur work. Go for the T7i.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!