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Cannot communicate with battery - 7D


Dear Friends,

I am a proud owner of 7D for the past 2.5 yrs and have done many trips and shooting with that.

I am not using any battery grip. Have 2 Canon original battery with me.


Fromyesterday night I am getting an error  "Cannot communicate with battery". It is same described in the below link also :-


I am using Original Canon battery and I have tried with both of them but no result.

As per User Guide ,


If the message "Cannot communicate with battery" is displayed when checking the battery status, select [OK] and continue shooting. Please note that the battery level indicator will appear blank.


My concern is :-

1. If I ignore that and continue shooting , will it create any problem to the Camera functionality ?

2. Wil the battery drain fast due to that ?


I am Ok with not displaying the battery infor as of now ( which I will repair by Canon) but need to confirm that the battery functionality will remain as usual. I will be travelling for a birding trip soon and I due to short time I dont want to send it to repair...


Please guide.


Warm Regards,




Hi all,

perhaps interesting for all victims od "Cannot communicate with battery" problem. I had the same on my 7D, with two original and one third party battery, starting sometime previous spring, showing exactly the same symptoms described here, for all my batteries. I lived with that all the year, having apparently a bit more drain from batteries (especially when left in switched-off camera for few days), but .. I managed to cope with that having the other two batteries always full and ready in a pocket.


However, few days ago I got all the battery functions miraculously back - just inserting another "third party" battery (very cheap one from Ebay) borrowed from a friend of mine for a timelapse session. Now my camera shows the status and all the infos from all my old batteries. No idea how it could get back .. but it did!


all the best



Prague, Czechia


I cannot believe Canon is not responding on their own forums...probably because their communications are controlled by their legal department.


I can also not imagine that they have "shills" like ebiggs1 blasting people for complaining on the Canon forums for legitimate issues.


I lost my charger and bought a new one, which is the original Canon charger. I have 2 Canon batteries and one Canon compatible. As soon as I tried to charge the canon compatible, which had worked for over a year, it would not charge. When I charged the original Canon batteries, it did charge, but when I put them in the camera I got the message "Cannot communicate with this battery"...


I have the 7D and 2 other older Canon cameras (30D/10D), with the 24-70/f2.8 usm, 70-200/f-2.8 is usm, the 60/2.8 macro, and the efs 10-22/3.5-4.5 wide angle lens from them....we should be getting better answers from a vendor like that...


I have upcoming shoots and cannot use the camera...

Makes me question Canon. Thu I'm invested in them now. I''ll remember this on my next camera purchase,

 "I can also not imagine that they have "shills" like ebiggs1 ..."

From Merriam-Webster.

To talk about or describe someone or something in a favorable way because you are being paid to do it.


Hmmm, I am not being "paid" by Canon or anybody for that matter.  I am retired from Hallmark Cards, Inc.

And , yes, you must have a active imagination.

Even shills offer the truth from time to time.  Now you may continue to complain about your problem or you can do something about it.

This is a public forum and not the Canon Service center.  It is not the place to request Canon help or service.  It is a public forum for the public to discuss Canon products.


"....we should be getting better answers from a vendor like that..."


And you should contact the vendor in the correct way through the right means.  Not on the public forum. Smiley Surprised


Try here.  <---click me

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

@Now you may continue to complain about your problem or you can do something about it@


Sure had to pay to fix this common issue. Thanks so much CANON. Well appriciated. 


I am experiencing the same problem.  "Cannot communicate with battery."  I have 10 canon batteries and I use them one at a time so I don't think it is the batteries.  But for me the problem is a little more serious because I shoot video.  When the battery expires there is no warning from the camera (it just shuts off)  and if it expires while recording video you will be unable to recover the current clip.  This could be devastating if you're shooting an interview on the run, say at a red carpet event and the battery expires during the only sound bite with the elusive star you're hoping to get a quote from.  There really are some reasons to shoot on tape.  I wish canon would speak up about a fix instead of just collecting out money.


"A VERY real possibility."


Just out of curiosity, by whom?

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

I've met 14 different photographers here in Chicago alone who've experiences the same issues.  2 of them have family members who are attorneys and another IS an attorney.

They are gathering names as I write this from the different sites around the internet....

Count me in, with the amount of money I had to pay for the repair, the batteries. I had to put off purchasing other needed equpiment. Again, said it once, twice..I'll say it again. I don't understand why Canon will not acknowledge this obvious common problem.

Interesting.  I was recently on the line with the Repair center and was curtei;ously asked it I had other issues.  You guessed it, I chimed in with this one.  I was referred to another tech person, who acknowledged to problem and listened attentively to my gripe.  He of course could/could not commit in either way.  He did however send me a form to complete to report it.  I'll get to that later.  


BTW:  The fix referred to earlier, did not work for my 60D.  Other suggetions?

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