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Cannot communicate with battery - 7D


Dear Friends,

I am a proud owner of 7D for the past 2.5 yrs and have done many trips and shooting with that.

I am not using any battery grip. Have 2 Canon original battery with me.


Fromyesterday night I am getting an error  "Cannot communicate with battery". It is same described in the below link also :-


I am using Original Canon battery and I have tried with both of them but no result.

As per User Guide ,


If the message "Cannot communicate with battery" is displayed when checking the battery status, select [OK] and continue shooting. Please note that the battery level indicator will appear blank.


My concern is :-

1. If I ignore that and continue shooting , will it create any problem to the Camera functionality ?

2. Wil the battery drain fast due to that ?


I am Ok with not displaying the battery infor as of now ( which I will repair by Canon) but need to confirm that the battery functionality will remain as usual. I will be travelling for a birding trip soon and I due to short time I dont want to send it to repair...


Please guide.


Warm Regards,




Hello Aridillse,


Sorry to hear about the error.  If you would prefer to wait to send the camera in for service later on, you may do so.  Choosing to continue using the battery will not cause any additional problems, you will just be unable to see the battery status.  The battery will not drain any faster than it normally would.


When you are ready to send the camera in for service, you'll need to complete a Repair Request on our website.


If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.

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This is a very popular issue. Pls check internet to see how many users od 7D and 60D have the same error again and again! Why Canan not recall them and fix them for free> I am sure this is not user's fault at all!

Hi Mike,


I have the same issue, one week before I go onto a Safari photoshoot. As a matter of fact, the internet is filled with 7D users having the same problem. 

Mike, I do use original new Canon batteries, I have updated the fir ware to the latest version (.05) and I do not use a grip.


The symptoms are:


1) when switched on the 7D says "Can Not communicate with battery. Use this battery ?" 

I will then be able to use the camera, however the battery info is not  displayed


2) Howver, most of the time, even recently charged bateries are drained very rapidly (over night) even when the camera is in "off state". The camara then refuses to start at all.


Mike, this issue is too wide spread to be called a one off issue or user error. It is really an manufacturing issue. Please advise what to do.  


kind regards


I’d sure like to know what Canon is going to do to stand behind it’s product. After so many people complaining of the same issue, and having spent so much money on OEM batteries, I think it is high time Canon faces the music. Announce a recall or face the real possibility of a Class Action.

A VERY real possibility.

This just happened to me also.  At first I couldn't even turn my camera on.  I fully charged the battery and now I get the message, "cannot communicate' with battery, I click OK and it works.  Just can't see if the battery is charged or not.  

Camera worked perfectly fine last week, when I shot over 20 gigs of images on  a trip.  What caused it to happen?

This is exactly how it all started with me Sandy back in October '13, I still think no one here including myself - on this thread at least has a solid answer. Lot of run around replies from Canon on this popular defect.

Just because the camera works with this error, it will drain the batteries faster. How old is your camera, hopefully it's under warranty? I purchased mine back in 2010, I did get it's not cheap ($275, not including the 6%tax) Only explaination on the invoice "Adjustments to circuit board." 

As for the "Magic Lantern" it has me curious, looks like a lot of intersting addtional features. I'm just hesitant to mess with the hardware of my camera. 

Junior22.  Thanks for the info on the camera.  I bought my camera in 2009 when it first came out.  I'm sure it's not under warranty anymore.  I'm not crazy about spending money on fixing it..but if it will drain the batteries quicker, I just might have to.  Maybe I should think about upgrading to the 6D  or the mark III?????????????

Queridos amigos,
eu tinha esse mesmo problema atraz a 4 meses. A assistência técnica enviado para a Canon do Brasil. Ao chegar a sua câmera voltou a trabalhar sem ouvese feito algumas on-line novamente. a empresa enviou a câmera de volta e ainda funciona perfeitamente.


I think the fact she got around 15 ums off and without the batteries, she went back to work properly.

Sorry for my english ...

Or a NIKON or a SONY.

Cat Frustrated