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Cannon 70D vs 80D


I am looking at getting into photography, and after some research, I have found people recommending the 80D as a good beginners camera, in the UK you can get a second hand excellent quality camera for about £450, the 70D on the other hand is about £300, and from what I can tell the 80D was not that big of an upgrade.

This will be my first camera I own and I am learning towards cannon because of the second hand lens market being so good, I mainly want the camera for personal Motorsport photography as a hobby.

Which Camera will be the better option? is the 80D worth the £150 more?




Does looking to get into photography mean you don't own any lenses currently?  If you are set on purchasing a DSLR /  APS-C body, buy the best one.  The 90D.  There is a big difference between the 70D and 80D, primarily in reliability.  A wide range of 70D's was affected by a PCB failure caused by overheating.  There was a recall which ended in Dec of 2022.  You aren't going to go wrong buying an 80D or 90D.  Be mindful you are also committing yourself to EF/EF-S lenses.  This is not a bad thing, however, lenses are the real investment in photography, so investing in the current standard instead of old might be considered a wiser investment providing a much longer service life.  EF lenses can be adapted to mirrorless should that day come.

Have you looked at a mirrorless body?  They might be more affordable than you think.

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70D, 80D and 90D are not Rebels!

Thanks,.  Pre-coffee..  reworded DSLR/APS-C 

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If the choice is between the 70D and 80D, I would definitely go for the latter.  My memory recalls that there were quite a few of occurrences of sensor issues with the 70D and the  80D is one generation better.
I have had both the 80D and 90D and when I chose to sell one, I kept the  80D - for me, the 24MP sensor is a sweet spot for the kind of sensor size you are considering.  I found that 32MP crammed into the same space is inclined to too much sensor noise, but that is my personal experience.

FYI, in the UK (as opposed to the US) Canon DSLR cameras have a numerical hierarchy:
####D are the cheapest with the lowest specs
###D are the next stop up and still basic cameras (in the US these are called Rebels)
##D are another step up with better build, better sensors and focusing and are suitable for enthusiasts.
#D are 'Prosumer' and professional cameras with the best build and specs

If you are serious about learning, then I would go for the ##D models, which are now being replaced my a new generation of Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras (MILCS), so there are some great cameras out there of the type you are considering.
The camera does not function on its own, and to get started, I would recommend a EF-S 18-135 STM or USM lens.  Great for general purposes and will be good for people, travel etc.

As you learn more and progress to other gear, you may want to go for a telephoto lens, and the EF 70-300 IS USM MkII is a great lens. Stay away from the 75-300 lenses.

cheers, TREVOR

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