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Cannon app wants full access to photo on iphone to be able to import pictures


Can we please get an update to remove this feature, it’s highly intrusive and inconvenient to deal with. Are there any work arounds other than uploading to the computer and then emailing the pictures? Is there a way to use the app to transfer the pictures directly from the camera to the iphone while maintaining the original quality. 




This is a simple permissions request.  Canon is not going to look at your images.  This is needed for access so the App can add images to your pictures folder.  

This is specific to your question (retaining original image quality) You have to select RAW if you want the images to retain original quality.  Otherwise they are converted to .JPEG.  

-Compatible File Types

・RAW (CR3/CR2) images can be imported as RAW format by selecting [RAW image save format] > [RAW format] from the [Images on camera] setting while connected to a compatible model (iOS 12.1 or later for CR3).

・ Importing RAW (.CR2) format is possible with wireless compatible EOS models and some PowerShot models (G1 X Mark III / G9 X Mark II / G7 X Mark II).

・RAW (CR2/CR3) images are resized and imported into JPEG by selecting [RAW image save format] > [JPEG format].

・RAW burst files cannot be imported to smart devices. Extract the CR3 images from the RAW burst file in advance on the camera side, and then import them to the smart device.

・HEIF (10 bit) files shot with compatible cameras and RAW images shot with [HDR PQ settings] enabled cannot be imported. (They can be saved between apps using the linked mode with the Canon image editing app Canon DPP Express.)

・MOV files and 8K movie files shot with EOS cameras cannot be saved.

・RAW movie files shot with compatible cameras cannot be saved.

・AVCHD files shot with Camcorder cannot be saved.

If you don't want to use the app, you can download the images from your camera to a PC / MAC and upload them to iCloud or Google Drive, OneDrive etc.  They would then be accessible on your device.  

I would not recommend emailing them to yourself as this would be cumbersome in comparison to the above.  😉 

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