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Advise about Upgrading from 90D to a R5


I currently have a 90D and I mainly shoot landscape, wildlife , and portrait. I also use my 90D heavily for filming cinematic travel videos.(At least half of what I use my 90d for) My main issue is I am starting to become unhappy with the video quality of the 90D. I have been thinking about going mirrorless after doing some research. I have been looking at an R5,R6, because I would want the IBIS and 4K is a must. Some of the options would mean I also would be switching to a full frame. So I was hoping to get advise from people who have more knowledge than me on specs and gear. My budget would be about 2-3k



Both EOS R5 and EOS R6 Mark II will happily shoot 4K and both have IBIS. It would seem that the 4 year old EOS R5 is getting ready for replacement if the rumours are true. 

EOS R5 - 8K video possible, RAW video internally, proxy low res copy on SD card, 4K 120p, 8K RAW video output on HDMI, Zebras for exposure. Need to use CFexpress cards for some video features. 

EOS R6 Mark II - 4K 60P, FullHD up to 180fps, more AF options for movies, 6K RAW output on HDMI, Zebras and false colour filter for exposure. Uses SD UHS-II cards V90 recommended for highest video performance.

Both will mean a switch to full-frame. EOS R6 Mark II has much larger sized pixels making them more sensitive in low light for cleaner results. 

EOS R6 Mark II 

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