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Can’t open battery lid on Canon 6D Mark II



I have a Canon 6D Mark II and I’m going to charge it, but I can’t open the battery cover/hatch, I have been trying for 1 hour and it’s impossible to open. Is there a technique to do it? I have tried with thumb and nails, but it’s completely impossible! It does not seems that anything is wrobg the camera, but I can’t open it. I tried with a spoon and a screwdriver, but I was careful to not damage the camera. But right now I need help to open it, it’s strange to ask for help about such a small thing, but it’s not easy to open it. I have opened it before while a person managed to open it before me to show me how I did it, I’m sure it’s a tecnique.

I hope anyone can help!

Best regards,

Gerhard Øpsen



Hi Gerhard and welcome to the forum

Perhaps is you watch the following video linked HERE it might help.  It takes a while for actual process to display, but stick with it or go to timestamp 0:24 sec.  Note the trick is to push the lever away from the closest end of the camera and THEN lift.

cheers, TREVOR

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