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Can battery charged in camera?


Camera EOS Rebel t6s

I use two cameras.  One is Canon Rebel T6s.  I always take the battery out of T6s camera for charging. But for the other camera, I always charge its battery in the camera every time after down loading the the new images.  Can Rebel T6s do the same?  and does it cause any issues?




The manual states that you need to use the charger (page 32).  Note that Canon's support page for the T6s doesn't provide a link to the manual, but I was able to do an internet search for it that found it on some documentation web site.

You also mention two cameras.  Are they both the Rebel T6s? I only see one camera model listed in your question.


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The manuals for the EOS Rebel T6s can be found on the Canon USA page here:

I'm not a tech, however, the Rebel T6s cannot charge using the USB cable. You must use the external battery charger.

Thank you.

I have a manual, downloaded.  It is clear in the manual the battery is charged with the charger which came with the Camera.  I am kind of lazy.  That's why asking.

Thank you.

Yes.  The manual says battery is charged with the charger that Canon provided with the camera.

The other camera is a Sony a7II.  I do not have any digital lens for this camera.  I bought it for using my old mechanical lenses.  I did not want to mention it on Canon Forum.


Ricky answered, but just to let you know, the T6s battery has too high a voltage and requires too much current to be charged by standard USB.

Thank you.

For safety, I'd better stay with what the manual ssys.  The bad thing about charging with the charger is that I sometimes forget to charge the batteries and thus ruin them.  


Not only the correct cable but into a USB port that supplies 5V/2A power. There isn't anything special about the Canon USB cable except it is the correct wire gauge for charging. Cheap cables may not be.

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Thank you.

I'll stay with what the manual says, charge the batteries with the Canon Battery Charger.


I did not think your camera could be charged with the battery in-camera but I was not sure. Stephan cleared that up. The ones that do have that feature need to have the proper cable was my point.

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