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CAnon EOS 6D ii Q button menu




I am new to this so please be kind 🙂


I got a 6D ii to replace my old 7D.


I notice all of a sudden that when I try to set my shutter speed in th Q menu, it only goes as far as 1/180 and no more, though I could before.


Obviously I have pressed/set something that is not allowing this and I cannot think what this is.


Incidentally, using the little wheel at tghe top I can set this to anything I want. While ythis is a small thing, it is irritating. 


Please can a kind soul please help?





You must be using a flash.  The EOS 6D's maximum flash sync speed is 1/180 s.  So the camera will limit the shutter speed.  To shoot with higher shutters, you'll need to enable high-speed sync.   When not using a flash, you'll be able to use any shutter speed the camera is capable of.


If you're _not_ using a flash, and your camera is limiting you to 1/180 s, try resetting the camera.


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers

Hi Ricky,


Thank you so much for your reply.


I do use a MR-14EX ring flash on a 100mm macro lens - I need to as I use this camera primarily to shoot intra-oral dental images.


My preffered shutter speed for this is 1/200 with f stop 25 and ISO 100 - which is what i have always had in my previous cameras...


So please how do I enable high speed sync?



See page 26 of the User Manual for how to put the flash into high-speed sync (HSS).  You can then use whatever shutter value you want.


HOWEVER, please note that HSS will come at the cost of flash power.  I've never used your particular flash, but for the 600 series, that power loss is sometimes 2 if not 2.5 stops of light.  This becomes a problem when you're already near or at the flashes' maximum power output.   Thus, if you do enable HSS, note that you'll have to adjust the flash power higher to compensate (though this adjustment may be automatic if the flash is using ETTL? I've only done manual flash with HSS and I've thus had to manually adjust the power to compensate).


Having said that, since 1/180s is so close to 1/200 (less than 1/3 stop), you could choose to just go with the 1/180 s setting.


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers

Thank you so much Ricky! I shall try what you say..



There is not much difference between 1/180 and 1/200, you might as well try it.

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