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CANON 60D does not turn on..If it does does not turn off.. Menus dont work


CANON 60D does not turn on..If it does does not turn off.. Menus dont work. I upgraded this 2 years back from Rebel . Did not spend much time on this camera. Something never felt right on 60D from begining always something wrong. I gave it benefit of doubt assuming I must be doing something wrong. Now its completely lemon I guess. No damage to optical components software is behaving completely erratic. I got few other cells assuming cell may be faulty though camera cell checking came out nice.



The power switch is actually a "software" switch.  It's not like a light switch in that it doesn't actually provide or deprive the camera of power... only removing the battery will deprive the camera of power.  This is why it doesn't actually just go dark when you switch off power... instead you'll usually see it perform a sensor clean cycle and then power down.  The camera is technically in a kind of "sleep" mode monitoring the switch.  If a Canon camera ever seems to lock up and ignore all input, the battery should be temporarily removed to "reboot" the camera.  


There is no "setting" in a camera that can configure it to ignore buttons.   Although... if the camera is in an automatic mode, some input is deliberately ignored to make it easier to use the camera.  Put the mode dial in a "creative zone" mode (P, Tv, Av, or M) and all buttons and menus should be accessible.


You might try connecting the camera via USB cable to your computer and then attempt to control the camera via the Canon EOS Utility to see if that works.  If the camera responds fine to the computer control, then likely the camera's main board and circuits are working fine and it may just be a wiring problem -- as if some cable simply isn't getting a very solid connection.  If this is a wiring issue, you are probably better off sending it in for service.



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Thanks for valuable information. After reproducing this behaviour once again today shipped to Canon Service Center.


Check the image below..


Camera switched of.

Screen is showing Full Auto Dial is pointing to Manual.



"... today shipped to Canon Service Center."


That is exactly where it belongs.  It is likely a corrupted firmware and Canon is the only place that can fix that.  Did you try a firwmware update?

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

I did check that unfortunately firmware version is already the latest available at canon site V.1.1.1 I guess..
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