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Battery Drain When Using RF Lenses On R Bodies


I have an R3 and an R5.  Due to my having a number of L-series EF lenses, I didn’t rush out and purchase an RF lens.  I’ve had no trouble using the adaptor.  Then, recently, I had the chance to get an RF 100-500mm lens.  Since getting it, I’ve used both my R3 and my R5 cameras with the lens.  In no time, either camera begins to experience rapid battery drain.  This issue doesn’t occur at all when using the R bodies with any of my EF lenses.  Does anyone else experience this?  If so, are there solutions?




I have an R5 C. It's somewhat similar.

What firmware is your R5 running?

Are you using a Canon brand adapter?  I assume you are, but have to ask

I own the RF100-500 a Control Ring adapter and a handful of EF lenses still.  I don't have any discernable battery drain.  

Do you have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled?  Is GPS turned on Mode1 on the R3?

Bay Area - CA

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Both camera bodies have been updated to the latest firmware as of a couple of weeks ago, and I am only using a Canon-made adapter.  I definitely am not having this issue when using any of my EF lenses.  It’s weird.  I don’t believe I have WiFi or airport mode turned on, but I’ll definitely check.  Thanks for the heads up.  I hope that’s the issue because it’s very annoying.