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As I waited for the 5DIV


I was considering the 1Dx MKII.  Hoping for Canon to make these cameras more in similarities as to the lay out of the button functions and improvements. Examples:


5D MK IV: 


1. Why not the ISO selection button and the top illuminatio button in the LCD panel moved to the same location the 1DX II?

2  Why was the ON/OFF not moved from the left top of the camera to the rear right in a similar locations as the 1Dx II?  At one time it was located with the multi function lock switch in the back of the camera where it was easier to operate particularly when using long lenses.  Also the groove where the switch of the camera is now, allows for water to acummulate probably able to cause a water leak into the camera.

3.  The Rating Button may be good for photo newbies but any serious photographer would not use that button since the JPEG image in the back LCD is not good enough to rate images.  And to add injury, this button cannont be programmed for something more useful.

4. The exposure level indicator in the 5DIV is at the bottom of the viewfinder while in the 1DX MKII is vertically in the right side of the viewfinder.  It's location will b


@RobertTheFat wrote:

And as for moving the on/off switch to the lower right, the 50D had it that way. I like the place it is now (top left) much better.

I'm neither here nor there on the position of the power switch. What I do like about having it where it is on the 7D Mk II is the larger 'Lock' switch.


First time out with my 7D Mk II, I had a Mallard unexpectedly fly from one pond to another right past me. I got some shots, but, found that I had moved the main dial while hiking into the area and had messed up my shutter speed. The photos were way underexposed (about 5 stops). I was able to recover the photo enough for Facebook, and my sister even liked it enough that she had it printed on a mug for Christmas.


But, I now have the main dial locked out too, so when I need to change a setting I need to 'unlock' the camera, the big 'Lock' makes that easier. 


I have my defaults programmed into user settings, so I normally keep the main and quick control dials locked and make my changes using the mode dial.

Correct; I was there in January and suffered $1257 of equipment damage when the tripod fell.

I wasn't replying to Iceland I was replying to Himalayas at 10,000 feet in March.

Again be aware of the operating range of your camera. Having a shutter fail is much worse than carrying some sort of off grid power, whether it be solar or a USB battery bank.
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