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Any one successfully purchased refurb R7 lens kit?


I've tried 5 times these days trying to order a refurbed R7 with Rakuten plugin enabled. Every time after a few hours the order is created, it is cancelled. Are they overselling? Or the 15% cashback from Rakuten causes this? 

Anyways, I just want to see if anyone successfully ordered one? Please share your experiences. Just so anyone asks, I live in US mainland, I paid through Paypal, my mailing address and billing address are the same, I do have a valid email and US phone number.



I'll stop replying this thread, since I didn't find anyone who can help me on this issue.

Let me know if there's a deal where can I get a refurb R7 for around 1050 bucks. Thank you.

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Also, don't tell me how to contact the "sales team". I have done so several times. They are unhelpful and takes tens of minutes to wait. All they are able to tell me the reason of cancellation is "automatic verification", which is basically no reason.

I just want to recover my order.

I'm not in sales, I don't have any insight into this situation, however, if many orders have failed for "automatic verification," and you're using PayPal, have you considered speaking with PayPal to ensure everything is up-to-date on their end? 

Oh actually I mistakened, I used both Paypal and Apple pay. The reason for both cancellation is unchanged, and in all cases the $130x amout(s) have been posted in my bank account transactions(pending). So I think this is not related to my payment method. 🙂

Do you know who can REALLY address on this issue? May I have their number please? Thank you.

The phone sales team are the only people with access to view your order. Usually, what they would do is try to re-process your order with you on the phone; however, since you want to get the extra Rakuten discount, they may not be able to do that. You'll need to call and see what they can do. They're at 800-385-2155 Monday through Saturday from 9am to 9pm, ET.

Haha, thanks. They said they can't do anything for me in this situation and I have to order again, which most likely will be cancelled again since nothing really changes. 


Just buy it here:

Shop Canon Refurbished EOS R7 RF-S18-150mm F3.5-6.3 IS STM Lens Kit |




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Please read my description, thank you.


Perhaps the Rakuten plug-in is messing the order up. 

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