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Constant appear of err70 and err80 on R6ii even after claiming warranty for a new mainboard


Hi everyone, I've purchased a Canon Eos R6ii at the begginning of the year and it have already constantly show err70. I've successfully sent in for warranty claim and the local service center told me its the problem of main board. 

Same issue still appear after claimmed a new main board from service center and I have no idea what is the problem at all. Shouldn't be an issue with sd card because Im currently usin Sony SDXC UHS-II v60 card. Funny thing is the error appear even without card inside camera. 

Is it possible to request to change a new camera from Canon in this case because claiming warranty took me 2 months and I have no backup camera for my work.



We're sorry to hear your camera is having trouble. I recommend contacting support so they can troubleshoot and review all available options with you. Our team is open Monday through Saturday at 1-800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666). 

If you're outside of the United States, please reach out to Canon in your region or country by visiting