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Add C1-C3 Custom video settings on R6 PLEASE!!!!


So I just got my R6 and I figured this would have been an easy thing to change, seeing as the option is greyed out in the settings. How can we get the attention of canon to change the R6 so that I can use the C-modes as custom video profiles? This is a very annoying thing to have to deal with coming from the EOS R. to be more specific, I want to be able to set C1 to 4k24, C2 to 4k60, or C3 to 1080p120, but you can only set custom shooting modes. A very frustrating decision by canon


This doesn't seem like a difficult task to approach from a software engineering perspective. For sure I don't know Canon OS caveats, but at a high level a design could be as follows:

1) When in Video mode - set whatever video settings are available and then (as in EOS R) go to: Menu -> Setup (wrench) -> Custom Shooting mode (C1-C3) -> Register settings -> Custom shooting mode C1 (or C2 or C3).

2) When in C1-C3 modes - when pressing a Video Record button (with red dot) - apply the video settings saved for those C1-C3 modes and begin a recording.

Even without the ability to modify those video settings when in C1-C3, it's a huge UX improvement (unless it's deemed as a higher tier cameras feature). I can't imagine why this can't be added as a software update other than it's forbidden for marketing reasons (push users to upgrade to higher tier cameras).

There are a number of reasons I like my R6, not the least of which is two SD slots. However,  inability to set custom video modes as you can in the R, R5 and R7 really aggravates me.  I use the camera to shoot video of my wife playing tennis and it would be really helpful to be able to set C1 at 120, C2 at 24 or 30. then she can analyze her serve or playmaking in detail with slow motion and have some real time video as well. Itappears that I’m not the only one seeking what has to be an easy firmware fix. Since the Canon response to a twelve month old request on this same issue was that the decision is made by engineers in Japan based on owner interest, I joined the canon community to let my voice be heard. I am dedicated to Canon and have been shooting with their cameras since my AE-1 in high school. I’ve gone from film to digital to mirrorless and hope that “the engineers” can find it in their hearts to make this firmware upgrade for those of us who are non-professional dedicated amateurs who have demonstrated brand loyalty over the years.


I would like to add my voice to this issue as well. Doing as much on the go filming as I do, custom video profiles is something that I really miss having since I switched from my GH5. I would love for Canon to add support for custom video profiles. It is frustrating that the R6 is one of the only R models that can't do this as high end as it is in the Canon lineup.

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