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Add C1-C3 Custom video settings on R6 PLEASE!!!!


So I just got my R6 and I figured this would have been an easy thing to change, seeing as the option is greyed out in the settings. How can we get the attention of canon to change the R6 so that I can use the C-modes as custom video profiles? This is a very annoying thing to have to deal with coming from the EOS R. to be more specific, I want to be able to set C1 to 4k24, C2 to 4k60, or C3 to 1080p120, but you can only set custom shooting modes. A very frustrating decision by canon


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi dfran1992,


Thanks for checking in with us, and we appreciate your feedback about the custom settings on the EOS R.


I can see how it would be helpful to be able to save different video presets, so I will be glad to pass along your comments to our development team.


Please keep in mind that decisions to include a particular camera feature are made by our engineers and product designers in Japan, based on a number of factors. Consumer demand, technological limitations, and customer feedback are some of the factors that we consider.


We are always looking to improve the camera equipment we offer, so we are grateful for your feedback. While we aren't able to implement every suggestion, we do take them into consideration.

"Please keep in mind that decisions to include a particular camera feature are made by our engineers and product designers in Japan, based on a number of factors. Consumer demand, technological limitations, and customer feedback are some of the factors that we consider."


You said something that struck me. "Consumer demand, technological limitations, and customer feedback..." This hurts me as a consumer and the company as a business. I know for a fact that the feature was held back from the camera. How, you might ask? I can literally add the setting to the custom menu and it is greyed out. So tech limitations is not the reason, I am sure I am not the only one who wants this feature to be added. This is absolutely the best camera for a LOT of people, who are selling that camera for another just because of that reason. There are several videos on youtube addressing this issue and I figured after waiting this long to get it, it would be changed. Please do your best to have them change this feature. I had instant regret when I bought this camera and realized I couldn't set the video modes to C1-C3. I would hate to have to return this camera, but I will if I must.


The guys at DPReview did a video talking about this

This guy from a smaller channel made a video specifically about this issue

Why has Canon deliberately put this software limitation on the R6

The only reason I can think of is to differentiate their line-up

It's a feature available both on the R and the R5

So it's definitely not a hardware limitation 

There's a lot of headroom for making improvements in R6

Like adding ALL-I Video Recording and this very basic necessity of having Custom Video Shooting Profiles

Absolutely agree with this. 

R and R5 both have M, Av, Tv,... C1, C2, C3 modes IN THE video mode itself


Whereas the R6 only has Auto Expo and M modes for video

We as consumers need to have the ability to use our products as comfortably as we can, especially when we are paying a price this high like an EOS R6 Camera.

This issue could easily be solved by a simple firmware update, we need these video custom functions for the R6, it could save us a lot if time and we would be pleased with the service that Canon provide.

It is indeed a great camera but Canon (and all camera manufacturers) should stop using minor "inexplicable - no one would have thought issues" for marketing purposes. These are really fundamentally disappointing mistakes which are in need of a solution ASAP.

Wild how this is still an issue. Honestly my R6 has become a stay in the house camera for me. Last time I used it for video was at the zoo with my kid and has been mounted since then. I ended up getting the R7 which has these modes but recently I’ve been just considering getting the Sony Alpha C or FX30 for video and selling off my canon. This company is no longer consumer focused unless people get pissed enough to not buy the camera. The R6 doesn’t keep people from buying the one with more capability and if anything it stops them from becoming a customer. No one’s caring about your color science anymore, it’s the value and so far Sony is providing WAY more value for the camera without artificial limitations like customs controls. I even laugh at the thought of telling someone, you can’t use a feature because we believe you don’t want that here. The R7 does it so why not? If anything someone will find a way to hack it eventually. Surprised this has gone for years without resolution.



I feel this so much. Soooo irritating. It’s the cripple hammers like this that have me leaving canon for Sony. These are hybrid cameras. Allow us to use them as such. 


Please Canon, is there a chance of fixing an absence of C1..C3 custom modes for video on R6?

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