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7D mkii noisy at low ISO


I picked up a 7D mkii from ebay, and in testing it to see if it was up to par with the description have found that all of my images are quite noisy, even at 100 iso. I've attached an unedited image I took at 320 iso, f/8, and 1/500th shutter speed. Taken with the tameron 150-600 g2 at 600mm. 


I do notice that when I take the battery out the viewfinder looks grainy, but I wouldn't think that should effect image quality?


This isn't typical for the camera is it? Any tips on a possible fix for this, or should I return the camera?


Thanks in advance!

Kill test (1 of 1).jpg



Exif says it is edited and the background seems to have some noise reduction applied. Upload the raw file instead and use a filehost. With that said, noise are easy notable in an area without details, for example the background of your picture. I always apply noise reduction even at ISO 100.


For the advanced user it is possible to use two demosaicing methods at the same time. For example AMaZE + VNG4. AMaZE will be used for details and VNG4 for flat areas. It will double the demosaicing time. Andy Astbury explains very well at YouTube the difference between some demosaicing methods. Very interesting even if you can't change demosaicing method in Lightroom.



BTW, latest firmware is 1.1.3. You have 1.0.2.


The viewfinder looks grainy without a battery is because the viewfinder has a transparent LCD overlay (for symbols and focus indicators), without power the crystals in the LCD make it a little less transparent, hence the grainy look. This doesn't affect your pictures.


Is this an extreme crop?  It looks like you took an 839x839 pixel crop and at the sort of magnification you will see on a typical computer screen then the individual pixels will show up and it will show "grain" from it.


For comparison, this is same type of extreme 839x839 pixel crop from a recent soccer practice photo I shot using my 1DX III which has the best sensor in the Canon line and you can see grain with it at this extreme crop/image magnification also.  This was  captured at 1/1250, f2.8, ISO 100 and converted from RAW to JPG with no noise reduction applied, due to the extremely shallow depth of field (shot with EF 400 f2.8 wide open), the dragon fly above the player's head is out of focus and makes the grain appear even more noisy.


I don't think your 7D2 has an issue.



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