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7D Mark II Exposure Level Indicator in Manual Mode


In Manual Mode on the 7D Mark II, with a hard ISO set, the exposure level indicator disappears from the bottom of the viewfinder.  If you switch ISO to Auto, the exposure level indicator appears at the bottom of the viewfinder as expected.


Is there a reason that there is no exposure level indicator visible (except the vertical one on the right side) in Manual Mode when an ISO is set manually?  This seems like it might be a glitch.







I am getting used to the exposure level indicator being only in the vertical, side position when in manual mode. It is still inconvenient in that now when I switch between the 7DM2 and 5DM3, I have to hunt for the exposure meter because it is not the same between the two cameras (in manual mode with a manually set ISO).

So... the apparent solution is to "just get used to it." Not the desired solution, but a doable one.


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I won't be recommending this camera to anyone either. I actually am thinking of returning it. It makes no sense to remove the meter from the top LCD. I am so disappointed. I have a 7D and was very excited to upgrade to the 7D Mark II. Not anymore. 


Same problem here, whats weird is that I was seeing the exposure level indicator before I sent it in to CPS. I had v. 1.1.1 BUT didn't have a backed up copy, the one I found online doesn't appear to work. 


When shooting night sports, I shoot manual. I had to send my 7D2 into CPS for clean check, and they upgraded firmware from v. 1.1.1 to v. 1.1.2 and the viewfinder exposure level indicator which had shown up while shooting manual with a fixed ISO was MIA! It shows up on auto ISO or AV mode; but I need it on M mode with a fixed ISO.


I have versions 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 but now neither of them are showing the exposure level indicator as I have been seeing.


Shooting the game last night was rather tricky.

I have been looking at this thread for some time.  I am not convinced that the bottom display is showing exposure level, but rather it is displaying exposure compensation, which is almost meaningless in Manual mode, and so it disappears.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I think you are right; but I'm certain I could see the exposure level clearly on the right. When I adjust the exposure in manual now, I see an indicator dot, just not the level indicator. Wondering if CPS maybe didn't plug something in!