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70D LCD Viewfinder Issues


Thank you in advance for any assistance with my issue.   I took the camera out today to prepare for shooting a company event on Thursday, LCD viewfinder has a grayed out look with some blue color and is zoomed in, I cannot see all the options available under the menus.  In Live View the colors seem to be bluer than normal.  Looking through the eye piece everything thing looks good.  Photos taken look fine.


The last time I used is was about 2 months ago in San Diego at at photo shoot on the beach, used it a little after that and everything was fine when I put it away.  Of couse my warranty expired about 3 months ago.  Any ideas that would help avoid sending it into the repair center would be very much appreciated.



Try to plug in an HDMI monitor, does that look OK?

Using the EOS Utility everything looks fine.

Doing it with HDMI is more critical. It isolates the fault between the video circuitry and the LCD itself.

I will have to see if I can borrow a mini HDMI cable.  Thank you for clarifying how I needed to test.


Did it get splashed at the beach?

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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no, I was near the water but not in it nor close enough to get splashed by the water.

@redhead221 wrote:

no, I was near the water but not in it nor close enough to get splashed by the water.

I believe the camera has some menu settings that affect the default appearance of the Live View, including the default zoom setting.  The blue tint is inexplicable.  It strongly suggests a display failure.  When you playback photos, do they look okay?  

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No, they do not.