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[6D] exposure différence between LiveView (well exposed) and Viewfinder (underexposed -+3Ev)


Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my 6d. When i am in extremely low light, I have +-3EV between liveview and Viewfinder.

I took pictures with LiveView and viewfinder, and the pictures with viewfinder are underexposed about +-3Ev (with or without the eyepiece), but only in low light conditions. In normal light conditions, the two metering modes are exactly the same. I rebooted with factory settings but the problem still to solve.


For example in AV or P mode, the 6D can show the following settings with the same parameters :

- 0.3 second with Viewfinder => Underexposed +- 3EV

- 1 second with liveview => Well Exposed

Other exemple, with lenscap, 100 isos, f4 :
- Viewfinder 15 seconds
- Liveview 30 seconds + (flashes)

Is there anyone have the same problem or have an idea ?


I Made a litlle Video to explain my Problem :

We didn't see finals pictures in the vidéo but, the picture with viewfinder is underexposed about 2-3 Ev.


Thanks for your reply


I'm trying to figure out what is happening. I'm trying on my camera. I took 3 photo each for around 2''. First photo, no live-view, uncover viewfinder and viewfinder also facing the light source. Second photo, same setting, covered viewfinder. Third photo liveview. All 3 of them, the Av mode gives me exact same setting. The photo without viewfinder cover seems to be a tad brighter according to the histogram but not enough to change the expsoure setting (like HDcam said). I think there is some setting that effect your photo. Let me look further into this.

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After further testing, I can replicate your problem. Earlier, it was ok because it's not extremely low light (it was dark but not almost pitch black). In extreme low light condition, the camera cannot meter well via viewfinder because it is beyond the camera limit. But with live-view, seems like the metering is a little more sensitive (could be because it is cummilative). Just my theory. I have tried other camera and get the same result. I think nothing we could do. This is just my theory.

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Hdcam, thanks for your help, my viewfinder was covered.

hsbn can you tell me about your parameters (like isos, shutterl speed, aperture) when you replicated the "problem"?

I often take pictures in very lw lights conditiond and i made tests with decreasing lights. I noticed the automatic exposure changed for example from 3 seconds to 1/4 even if light less. I don't remember my old rebel working like this.

Thanks all for your help,

I use Av mode, ISO800, F2.8 and the shutter speed is around 4'' using viewfinder. The room was dark but the shutter speed doesn't go slower than 4''. If I switched to Liveview, it the shutter speed goes to 25''.
If I used Tv mode, and it's too dark, the meter will blink to indicate that it's way to dark to get proper exposure. The Av mode was supposed to blink too but for some reason it doesn't. I recall it did back in the day but I haven't used Av mode in a long time.
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Ok so we have the same behavior. Now is it a problem that must be addressed to Canon's customer service or do you think it is "normal" behavior?

I don't know that it's a function I'd ever use (if I'm in that dark of a situation or long shutter speed I'll usually be in full manual)...  however,  Liveview should give the same exposure as looking through the viewfinder.  By the way you're describing it, I'd say it's a bug and therefore should be fixed.

Is there any Canon people who follow this forum?

hi pouloutos!
Welcome to The Canon Forums, and thank you for your inquiry! We appreciate your participation, however we need to let you know that the Canon Forum is hosted and moderated within the United States by Canon USA. We are only able to provide support for Canon products manufactured for and used within the US market. If you live outside the United States, please click here and select your country or region for your support needs. Feel free to discuss Canon products sold outside of the United States, but please be aware that you will not receive support directly from Canon USA.

I own a 6D and live in the United States, and therefore I have this problem too.

Hi Skirball and hsbn,

If you're experiencing this phenomenon with your EOS 6D, we ask that you call our Technical Support Team so that we can get everything sorted out! Please be prepared to email photos to us for evaluation.


We can be reached at: CONTACT US

We hope this is helpful!