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6D - box contents


Hello. I recently purchased a 6D and the only printed instructions in the box was the 403 page "Instruction Manual". Inside this manual was a list of contents that should have been included in the box. This list included hardcopies of the "Camera Basic Instruction Manual", "Wi-Fi (Basic)/GPS Function Instruction", "Pocket Guide" and "Wi-Fi/GPS Cautions", which I did not receive. I know that all the manuals are on the included CD but I also want the printed copies. The seller of the camera isn't being very helpful so before I take my complaint further I was hoping that someone who has purchased this camera can confirm that these printed instructions should indeed be present. TIA.



That's all the printed material you get. I was kind of hoping for more too. Guess they tried to save some $. I just think it's for a greener Earth so I can feel a little better.

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Camera boxes (not just Canon) generally are not factory sealed.  This means if you walk into a camera store and they want to show you the camera, they can -- without breaking any seals.  Generally they'll only show off a display model but it IS possible to open the box and remove components... hence the importance of verifying the contents of your box are complete.


You can see of list of the hardware items that should have been in the box here:


However, the box should also have included the instruction book and that is typically in a celephane sealed packet and there's usually a couple of them... e.g. one in English and one in Spanish. 


ALSO... there should have been a warranty card in the box.  Of particular importance is to make sure the warranty card shows that it's a "USA" warranty.  If you live in North America and your camera does not have a North America (USA/Canada) warranty card, that's cause for alarm.  That would indicate that you likely have a "gray market" camera and Canon wont service (not only warranty service... they wont even perform paid service after the normal warranty period expires.)



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