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6D Wifi Questions


Hi Folks,


6D connects wirelessly easily to my iPhone and iPad. However, when I try to connect to the EOS Utility, I cannot.


I start EOS utility on Windows 7, 64 bit.


I choose EOS Utility for the WiFi menu on the 6d, connect to my home wireless network. My router sees the camera as an attached device with an IP address. I go to Pair via Wireless and it is nver found by the EOS Utility. If I connect via USB, not issues. But I do want to work wirelessly.


Any ideas what I may be doing wrong or not doing at all?






I could well be wrong, but I think maybe the EOS Utility has to see the 6D as a wireless access point, not as a client. (I.e., the camera establishes its own WiFi network.) I think it can be set up that way, so it's at least worth a try.


If your objective is to control the camera via the computer from a distance unreachable by a USB cable, then have at it. But if all you're trying to do is upload pictures, use a card reader.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Thanks, but I do want to control. The 6D has an option for a WiFI setting for EOS Utility, so that is what I am using. Gets all the way to pairing, then never does even though it has an IP and the network sees it.


Willing to bet something simple that I just can not find to set.

OK...called Canon and was told a number of things would not work. Such as having the computer connected to my router through ethernet and having the EOS Utility wirelessly connect to the camera. Very nice support person, btw.


BUT, I now have everything working. Several tricks.


The wireless card on my computer is turned off. I connect the 6D to my wireless router and for some odd reason, it requires a manually entered IP address for the camera. The router will see one generated by DHCP, but the EOS Utility would not. If it is manual, EOAS Utility will see it as well. Go figure 🙂 I now can connect wirelssly to EOS Utility while the computer is cabled to the router for Internet, email, etc.


The other trick is that if I want to change to connect to my iPhone for example, I enable WiFi, change to iPhone, select the settings. Then I need to go back and disable WiFI. Shut the camera down and restart, enable WiFI and I connect first try. Seems this is needed the most swirtching from any other connection to EOS Utility. That  switch connections, shut down, restart, reenabe WiFi works every time.


And last, the AdHoc network works as well, but then the computer has to connect to the 6D networkd  wirelessly and cannot use wired ethernet for Email. Internet, etc.


Hope this might help someone else.