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60D vs 650D


Hello everyone,my first post here. Smiley Happy


I've been taking pics w/point to shoot cameras for years now and since the DSLR camera's have become a little cheaper,I'm deciding to buy one.

I've been searching a lot and found these 2 but I'm having hard time deciding which one to get. I've heard that 60D has overall better build quality,better grip and better battery life;whereas,650D has a touch screen,and does better in video recording.
I honestly don't care much about video and my main usage is photgraphy(In which I've heard these 2 perform pretty much the same)

So,which one do you guys recommend?


Thanks  and sorry for  the long post



I have been using the 60D for the past 3 months and i have found it to be a very good piece of kit. Good battery life'well laid out controls and easy to use.

The 650d probably has better autofocus, as all the af points are cross-type.

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@ScottyP wrote:
The 650d probably has better autofocus, as all the af points are cross-type.

So would you get it instead of 60D ? I've heard the AF is better but not much,but I haven't used either so I'm not sure if that's true or not

60D has 9AF cross type too
If I'm not mistake, it also has a bigger view finder than any rebel.

@fpcadiente wrote:

If I'm not mistake, it also has a bigger view finder than any rebel.

It does, but it's .59X vs .53X


FYI, and for the OP:  when comparing different camera models I it helpful to do a search for "Canon 60D vs 650D".  The first couple of links will be for automated websites that compare the specs of the two models.  I use snapsort because it's the first, but they're all the same.  They don't give you detailed information, and I've seen the occasional small discrepancy, but I find it a quick and easy way to compare specs between models.

Thanks guys

Still haven't had a chance to test both cameras in a store,but I'll hopefully do that tomorrow.


Another question,should I even bother with the 18-55 lens ? Because I've heard 18-135 STM is "Much" better,is that right ? Getting either 60D or 650D w/18-135 is definitely out of my budget but I may be able to stretch my budget if necessary.Thoughts ?

It's not profoundly better no, mostly it just offers more range.


If you don’t intend on getting a longer telephoto (like the 55-250) to accompany the 18-55, then yes, I’d get the 18-135 instead.  If you’d rather leave one lens on than swap out lenses for the specific task at hand then get the 135.  If you like to travel light then get the 135.


On the flip side, the 18-55 is going to give slightly better performance over that range than the 18-135.  Mostly I’d expect you’d just get a lot of distortion on the wide side of the 18-135, which is typical of these ‘super zooms’.  Not that the 18-55 won’t have some distortion as well.  Distortion can be corrected in post, and it doesn’t always look terrible depending on what kind of subject you’re shooting, but it’s worth pointing out.  In general though, I’d expect the IQ to be similar for these two lenses.


 The one issue I might have, is that the manual focus on the 18-135 STM is electronic.  Meaning you move the ring and it electronically zooms in and out.  Moving it more doesn’t make it go quicker.  I have no idea how fast it goes, but the quickness of zooming in and out is one of the reasons why I shoot SLR.  On the flip side, if you shoot video, this function is smooth and quiet.

Thanks again for your reply

Well,since this is my first DSLR,I was thinking about 60D/650D + 18-55 to play and get used to it for sometime then get a bigger lense(like 55-250);on the other hand,if I get the 18-135,I won't be able to upgrade for some time because of it's cost.

So it seems 18-155 isn't very bad afterall,because someone told me it's a waste to pair it with either of those cameras

I suggest get the EF 17-85mm or even the newer version EF15-85mm.
Sharper and faster AF


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